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2022 Senatorial Candidates

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Tentative list of senatorial candidates for 2022 elections:
(As of January 11, 2022)
  1. Afuang, Abner (IND)
  2. Albani, Ibrahim (WPP)
  3. Arranza, Mang Jess (IND)
  4. Baguilat, Teddy (LP)
  5. Bailen, Agnes (IND)
  6. Balita, Carl (AKSYON)
  7. Barbo, Lutz (PDPLBN)
  8. Bautista, Herbert Bistek (NPC)
  9. Belgica, Greco (PDDS)
  10. Bello, Silvestre Jr. (PDPLBN)
  11. Binay, Jojo (UNA)
  12. Cabonegro, Roy (PLM)
  13. Castriciones, Bro John (PDPLBN)
  14. Cayetano, Alan Peter (IND)
  15. Chavez, Melchor (WPP)
  16. Colmenares, Neri (MKBYN)
  17. D'angelo, David (PLM)
  18. De Lima, Leila (LP)
  19. Del Rosario, Monsour (PDR)
  20. Diaz, Ding (PPP)
  21. Diokno, Chel (KANP)
  22. Ejercito, Jv Estrada (NPC)
  23. Eleazar, Gen. Guillermo (PDR)
  24. Ereño, Bro. Ernie (PM)
  25. Escudero, Chiz (NPC)
  26. Espiritu, Luke (PLM)
  27. Estrada, Jinggoy (PMP)
  28. Falcone, Bal Falcon (DPP)
  29. Gadon, Larry (KBL)
  30. Gatchalian, Win (NPC)
  31. Gordon, Wow ***** (BVNP)
  32. Gutoc, Samira (AKSYON)
  33. Honasan, Gringo (IND)
  34. Hontiveros, Risa (AKBAYAN)
  35. Javellana, RJ (IND)
  36. Kiram, Nur-mahal (IND)
  37. Labog, Elmer (MKBYN)
  38. Lacson, Kuya Alex (KP)
  39. Langit, Rey (PDPLBN)
  40. Legarda, Loren (NPC)
  41. Lim, Ariel (IND)
  42. Mallillin, Emily (PPM)
  43. Marcoleta, Rodante (PDPLBN)
  44. Marcos, Francis Leo (IND)
  45. Matula, Sonny (IND)
  46. Mindalano-adam, Marieta (KTPNAN)
  47. Olarte, Atty/dr. Leo (BIGKIS)
  48. Padilla, Dra. Minguita (PDR)
  49. Padilla, Robin (PDPLBN)
  50. Panelo, Sal Panalo (PDPLBN)
  51. Pimentel, Astra (PDPLBN)
  52. Piñol, Manny (NPC)
  53. Ricablanca, Willie Jr. (PM)
  54. Roque, Harry Spox (PRP)
  55. Sahidulla, Lady Anne (PDDS)
  56. Sison, Jopet (AKSYON)
  57. Teodoro, Gibo (PRP)
  58. Trillanes, Antonio IV (LP)
  59. Tulfo, Idol Raffy (IND)
  60. Valeros, Rey (IND)
  61. Villanueva, Joel Tesdaman (IND)
  62. Villar, Mark (NP)
  63. Zubiaga, Carmen (IND)
  64. Zubiri, Migz (IND)
Source: https://comelec.gov.ph/php-tpls-attachments/2022NLE/TentativeListsofCandidates/NATIONAL_01112022.pdf

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  • pexer99pexer99 💬 PEx Admin
    edited March 24 #2
    1. Abner Afuang
    - Bachelor of Science in Criminology, Philippine College of Criminology
    - NBI Special Investigators Basic Training Course, National Bureau of Investigation Academy

    - Former mayor, Pagsanjan, Laguna (1998-2001)
    - Former police officer

    - Made headlines for stunts like burning a Taiwanese flag (2013), defacing a Chinese flag (2015), and dousing model Hayden Kho with water during a Senate hearing (2009)

    Source: GMA Public Affairs Facebook, Rappler

    2. Ibrahim Albani
    - Criminology, Universidad de Zamboanga
    - Public Administration, Manuel L. Quezon University
    - Honorary Doctorate Degree in Humanities, International Academy for Leadership and Management Edmond (Oklahoma, USA)

    - Consultant on Muslim Affairs; Office of the Governor, Tawi-Tawi
    - President; Muslim-Mindanao Poor Association
    - National Adviser; Christian-Muslim in Lumad Association
    - Founding chairman and President; Unity for Revival Foundation
    - Founding chairman; International Movement on Peace, Unity and Reconciliation
    - Chair, World Philosophical Forum under UNESCO
    - Special envoy, Organization of Islamic Conference

    - identify causes of problems in the different sectors of the society which are often economic or political in nature rather than religious issues
    - urge the government to return public facilities to the people, especially the key infrastructures

    Source: CNN (from 2019 filing), RapplerIbrahim Albani Facebook, SMNI News Facebook

    3. Jess Arranza
    - Chair, Federation of Philippine Industries
    - Convenor, Fight Illicit Trade Movement
    - Chairman, Anti-Crime Council of the Philippines
    - Radio personality, Sonshine Radio DZAR 1026
    - Writer, Business Mirror "Makes Sense"

    Source: Rappler

    4. Teddy Baguilat

    More here: Teddy Baguilat Website
    Source: Teddy Baguilat Facebook

    5. Agnes Bailen

    Source: Agnes Bailen Twitter

    6. Carl Balita

    Source: Carl Balita Twitter

    7. Lutz Barbo

    Source: Lutz Barbo Facebook

    8. Herbert Bautista

    Source: Lakas-CMD Facebook

    9. Greco Belgica

    Source: PDP Laban Facebook

    10. Silvestre Bello Jr.
    - Isabela OIC Governor

    - brother of Silvestre “Bebot” Bello III

    Source: Rappler
  • pexer99pexer99 💬 PEx Admin
    edited March 24 #3
    11. Jojo Binay
    - Basic Education, Philippine Normal College Training Department
    - High School, University of the Philippines
    - Political Science, University of the Philippines - Diliman
    - Law, University of the Philippines - Diliman
    - Masters in Public Administration (Major in Local Government Management), University of the Philippines
    - Master of Laws, University of Santo Tomas
    - Masters in National Security Administration, National Defense College of the Philippines
    - Strategic Business Economic Program, Center for Research and Communication
    - Non-Resident Command and General Staff Course, Command and General Staff College (AFP)
    - Senior Executive Fellows Program, John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University
    - Doctor of Public Administration (Honoris Causa), Polytechnic University of the Philippines
    - Diploma in Land Use Program, University of the Philippines - School of Urban Regional Planning
    - Top Management Program, Asian Institute of Management (Bali, Indonesia)
    - Joint Services and Command Staff Course, Joint Services and Command Staff College (AFP)
    - Masters in Management, Philippine Christian University
    - Diploma in Environmental and Natural Resources Management, University of the Philippines Open University

    - Mayor, Makati
    - Chair, Metropolitan Manila Development Authority
    - Co-chair, Task Force on Traffic Improvement and Management for Metro Manila and Suburbs
    - Co-chair, Pasig Rehabilitation Commission (PRRC)
    - Vice President of the Philippines
    - Chair, Housing and Urban Development Coordinating Council

    Source: ABS-CBN News, Rappler

    12. Roy Cabonegro

    Source: Roy Cabonegro Twitter

    13. Bro John Castriciones

    Source: Bro John Castriciones Twitter, Bro John Castriciones Website

    14. Alan Peter Cayetano
    - De La Salle - Zobel
    - BA Political Science, University of the Philippines - Diliman
    - Law, Ateneo de Manila University

    - Councilor, Taguig
    - Vice Mayor, Taguig
    - Representative, Taguig-Pateros
    - Member, Board of Regents, Technological University of the Philippines
    - Member, Board of Regents, Polytechnic University of the Philippines
    - Senator
    - Foreign Affairs Secretary

    Source: Senate Website, Rappler

    15. Melchor Chavez
    - Political Science, Notre Dame College

    - Broadcast Journalist
    - National President, Association of Commentators and Announcers of the Philippines

    - pushed for land reform, freedom of information, and early retirement for workers in his previous campaign
    - shown support for federalism, death penalty, divorce, same-sex marriage, anti-political dynasty law
    - opposed war on drugs and extension of martial law in Mindanao

    Source: CNN, Rappler

    16. Neri Colmenares

    Source: Neri Colmenares Facebook [1][2] / Neri Colmenares Twitter

    17. David D'Angelo

    Source: David D'Angelo Twitter

    18. Leila De Lima

    Source: Leila De Lima Facebook

    19. Monsour Del Rosario

    Source: Monsour Del Rosario Facebook [1][2]

    20. Ding Diaz
    - Businessman

    Source: Rappler
  • pexer99pexer99 💬 PEx Admin
    edited March 24 #4
    21. Chel Diokno

    Source: Chel Diokno Website

    22. JV Ejercito
    - Xavier School
    - AB Political Science, De La Salle University

    - Mayor, San Juan
    - Representative, San Juan
    - Senator

    Source: Senate WebsiteJV Ejercito Facebook

    23. Guillermo Eleazar
    - Philippine Military Academy

    - Chief, Quezon City Police District
    - Regional Director, Calabarzon
    - Director, National Capital Region Police Office (NCRPO)
    - Commander, Joint Task Force COVID-19 Shield
    - Deputy Chief for Administration, PNP
    - Chief, Philippine National Police

    Source: Rappler [1][2]

    24. Ernie Ereño
    - Businessman
    - President and COO, Balikatan 777 Inc

    Source: Rappler

    25. Chiz Escudero

    Source: Chiz Escudero Website

    26. Luke Espiritu

    Source: Luke Espiritu Twitter

    27. Jinggoy Estrada

    More here: [1][2]
    Source: Jinggoy Estrada Facebook [1][2]

    28. Bal Falcone
    - AB Liberal Arts, Sacred Heart University
    - MA in Philosophy, University of San Carlos (Cebu City)
    - Master in Business Management, Asian Institute of Management

    - Business Consultant
    - Author
    - Professor
    - President, Millennium Industrial Commercial Corporation
    - Executive Director, Sagip Bansa Filipinas Foundation Inc

    Source: ivoteph, Rappler

    29. Larry Gadon

    Source: Lakas-CMD Facebook

    30. Win Gatchalian

    Source: Win Gatchalian Facebook [1][2]
  • pexer99pexer99 💬 PEx Admin
    edited March 25 #5
    31. DickGordon

    More here: DickGordon Website
    Source: DickGordon Facebook [1][2]

    32. Samira Gutoc

    Source: Samira Gutoc Facebook

    33. Gringo Honasan
    - San Beda College
    - Dominican School (Taipei, Taiwan)
    - Don Bosco High School
    - Economics, University of the Philippines
    - Philippine Military Academy
    - Masters Degree in Business Management, Asian Institute of Management

    - Military Officer
    - Senator
    - Chairperson, Senate Committees on Agrarian Reform
    - Chairperson, Public Order and Dangerous Drugs
    - Chairperson, Public Information and Mass Media
    - Secretary, Department of Information and Communications Technology

    Source: Senate Website, RapplerLakas-CMD Facebook

    34. Risa Hontiveros

    Source: Risa Hontiveros Facebook

    35. RJ Javellana

    - Political Science, Lyceum of the Philippines University

    - Secretary General, Luntiang Pangarap (Green Team) Inc.
    - President, United Filipino Consumers and Commuters
    - President, Water for All Refund Movement

    Source: CNN, Rappler

    36. Nur-mahal Kiram
    - Doctor of International Affairs, Honoris Causa, Norman Academy/Ruggero II University (Italy)
    - Bachelor of Communication and Media Studies, University Institute of Technology Mara (Selangor, Malaysia)

    - President, Junca Global Group of Companies
    - Marketing Director, Ahlus Suluk Development Corp.
    - Director, World Foundation, Inc.
    - Co-Owner/Director, Smart Brain Philippines
    - Director, Bioaromatics Philippines
    - Vice President, Anti-Crime Community Watch

    Source: Nur-Mahal Kiram "Princess Light" Facebook via SMNI, Rappler

    37. Elmer Labog

    Source: Elmer Labog Facebook / Elmer Labog Twitter

    38. Alex Lacson

    Source: Alex Lacson Twitter

    39. Rey Langit

    Source: PDP Laban Facebook [1][2]

    40. Loren Legarda

    More here: Loren Legarda Website
    Source: Loren Legarda Facebook
  • pexer99pexer99 💬 PEx Admin
    edited March 25 #6
    41. Ariel Lim
    - Former government employee

    Platform: Listed on Mr. Transport Website

    Source: Rappler

    42. Emily Mallillin
    - Bugatay Elementary School
    - Camasi National High School

    - Founder and Chairman of the Board, Konseho Espiritual sa Rehiyon Dos Multi-Purpose Cooperative
    - President and Chairman of the Board, Victorious Children of Mary Enthroned Multi-sectoral Organization, Inc
    - Secretary-General, Federation of National Greening Program People's Organization of Isabela
    - Board of Trustee and National Treasurer, Pamathalaan ng Buhay
    - National Vice President for Internal Affairs, Republika ng Mamamayang Pilipino
    - Member, Cagyan Provincial Development Council
    - Member, Tuguegarao City Development Council

    Source: GMA News Online, Rappler

    43. Rodante Marcoleta

    Source: PDP Laban Facebook

    44. Francis Leo Marcos
    - Internet Personality
    - Popular on social media for philanthropic acts

    Source: Rappler

    45. Sonny Matula

    Source: Sonny Matula Twitter

    46. Marieta Mindalano-Adam

    Source: Marieta Mindalano-Adam Facebook

    47. Atty./Dr. Leo Olarte
    - President, Philippine Medical Association
    - Legal Affairs Chief, Philippine Medical Association
    - Chairman, Coalition of Clean Air Advocates of the Philippines (CCAAP)
    - President, Clean Air Philippines Movement Inc.

    Source: Rappler, PhilStar, CNN Facebook

    48. Dra. Minguita Padilla

    Source: Dra. Minguita Padilla Website

    49. Robin Padilla

    Source: PDP Laban Facebook

    50. Salvador Panelo

    Source: PDP Laban Facebook
  • pexer99pexer99 💬 PEx Admin
    edited March 25 #7
    51. Astra Pimentel

    Source: Astra Pimentel Facebook

    52. Manny Piñol

    Agenda: Manny Piñol Facebook
    Source: Manny Piñol Website

    53. Willie Ricablanca, Jr.
    - Doctor of Pastoral Studies, Far East of Advent School of Theology

    - National Chairman, Partido Maharlika
    - Founding Chairman, Community Force Multipliers for Peace Inc (CFMPI)
    - President and Chairman Emeritus, Pastors Association for the Restoration and Transformation Inc. (PARTI)
    - Chief Monitoring Officer, Civilian Intelligence Network

    Source: Rappler, LinkedIn

    54. Harry Roque

    More here: Harry Roque Website
    Source: Harry Roque Facebook

    55. Lady Anne Sahidulla
    - Commerce, Zamboanga Arturo Eustaquio Colleges
    - Mass Communication, Western Mindanao State University

    - Mayor, Tongkil town (now Banguingui)
    - Vice Governor, Sulu
    - 2nd District Representative, Sulu
    - Businesswoman and Founder, Anak Ilo Foundation

    - faced a graft case for failing to declare a parcel of land and vehicles in SALN

    Source: CNN, Rappler

    56. Jopet Sison

    More here: Jopet Sison Website
    Source: Jopet Sison Twitter [1][2]

    57. Gibo Teodoro

    More here: Gibo Teodoro Website
    Source: Gibo Teodoro Facebook

    58. Antonio Trillanes IV

    Source: Antonio Trillanes IV Twitter

    59. Raffy Tulfo
    - TV personality
    - Radio Presenter

    - Brother of former Secretary of Tourism, Wanda Tulfo-Teo

    Source: Rappler

    60. Rey Valeros
    - Seafarer
    - International shipping auditor
    - Head, Crewing Managers Association of the Philippines

    - Philippine Navy reserve officer
    - expressed doubts in COVID-19 vaccines and pushed for natural preventive medicine

    Source: Rappler
  • pexer99pexer99 💬 PEx Admin
    edited March 22 #8
    61. Joel Villanueva

    Source: Joel Villanueva Facebook

    62. Mark Villar

    Source: Lakas-CMD Facebook

    63. Carmen Zubiaga

    Source: Carmen Zubiaga Twitter [1][2]

    64. Migz Zubiri

    Source: Lakas-CMD Facebook [1][2]
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