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REVIEW: The Batman [2022]

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The Batman has set the new standard for DC films.

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Finally, DC got it right.

Superhero movies in the past decade or so often portray protagonists and villains as gods and behemoths that command awe from its audience. Studios have been dumping the same story, the same characters, and the same storytelling treatment for years that many of us have actually grown weary and even bored with what both DC and Marvel have to offer. The Batman (2022) did not do that. Instead of showcasing super humans and sentient beings, viewers are able to see bits of themselves in every character of the film.

They can see themselves in Bruce, who is just a boy forever scorned by a tragedy he witnessed at a very young age. They can see themselves in Selina, who’s just trying to survive living in a cruel and unfair world. They see themselves in The Riddler, easily driven to extremist views all because he didn’t have the opportunities others had growing up. They can see themselves in Jim Gordon, in the Penguin, and in many of the lowlifes and the elites portrayed in this iteration of the many stories Gotham holds. This, I believe, makes The Batman the most relatable of all big screen adaptation of comic books and graphic novels we’ve seen so far.

Along with complex characters (wonderfully portrayed by Pattinson, Kravitz, Dano, Farrell, Turturro, Serkis, and Wright) with compelling stories of their own, the film made excellent use of cinematography, sound editing and mixing, and even set design and visual effects to keep the audience hooked, clutching the arms of their chairs, and just wanting to see more of what happens next. Fights were brutally real and that epic car chase was a cinematic masterpiece in every shot. Cinematographer Greig Fraser did his job so well that one can almost feel every punch, every breath, every movement characters make.

Aside from these things, one also appreciates director Matt Reeves’ treatment of the character The Riddler. In stark contrast to the last time the villain was featured in the big screen, he never made an appearance as his alter ego throughout the film. It was only towards the end that his identity was revealed, sending a clear message that anyone of us can be radicalized to the point one will do unspeakable evils, all in the name of self-righteousness. This particular take on the character also serves as a fitting reminder of the disturbing times we currently live in and a warning that we must never give up on our humanity.

Never would I have thought that DC will ever surpass what Nolan and Bale has done for the caped crusader but Reeves and Pattinson (and the rest of the cast members) just came rushing in to prove me wrong. The Batman has set the new standard for DC films. May they continue investing in relatable narratives and compelling storytelling techniques in their future offering. Fans and viewers alike deserve to be treated to feast for the senses like this. Anything less is a disservice to those who never stopped believing in DC and the characters we’ve all grown to love.

Rating: 5/5
Official Hashtag: #TheBatman
The Batman in cinemas on March 2.
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