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how about X-MEN.....



  • ako i liked it, although some critics didn't... then again i'm probably biased coz I love The X-Men!!!!! :)))) for me the story wasn't exceptional but it was ok; the character portrayals were fun, but not perfect... all in all mga 9/10 but I love it pa rin... X-Men forevah!
  • it was okay. but it really depends on whether you're a fan of the original story, and on how much of a fan you are, since you might have liked them to stick more to the original (plot, costumes, etc.)... which they didn't, of course.

    what i liked about the movie? #1: Patrick Stewart as Charles Xavier (he really fits the part); #2: Wolverine (he is just so cool. the actor fits him.); and #3: the little digs they make at the original. (i.e., "yellow spandex") <;--- sorry, just trying not to spoil ppl here... ;)
  • Kindly post your replies in this thread on X-Men the Movie:X-Men the Movie. Thanks. :)
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