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Who wants to be a Millionaire?

yan ba yung gumaya sa SAKTO ng MTB?

'de just kidding...

ok yun! exciting... nga lang kailangan bang mag monologue yung mga contestant bago sagutin ang BAWAT sagot?!!

pero labo nung SAKTO! walang ibig sabihin yung 100000, 150000, ...ang haba haba pa masusuya ka na sa mukha ni roderick!


  • I absolutely love this game show, wherein you are given a chance to win a million dollars by answering 15 questions.

    You are allowed 3 lifelines, namely, 50:50 (2 wrong choices off the 4 answer multiple choice), Phone a friend (wherein you can call a friend and ask for help), and ask the audience (where you can ask the audience what they think the the final answer).

    It's an educational show too, very trivial. Sana magkaroon din nito sa Pilipinas! :)
  • final answer?

    uhh...regis you suck. there never seems to be any other contestants but white men. what kind of whack game show is this?

    yep. rege, you suck big time.
  • We already have a version of this hit game show. Pero sa tanghali pinapalabas... sa Eat Bulaga. lol.gif They have the same mechanics, although medyo hindi na trivial ang questions (ano ba yun?) and the lifelines make the contestant more confuse.

    And their version of "Is that your final answer?" ay "Sigurado ka?" lol.gif

  • mdf100647.jpg

    Final answer?
  • There will be an official Pinoy version of the Regis Philbin hosted show come November. And it will be hosted by... CHRISTOPHER DE LEON. No joke.
  • this is a really cool game show pero sana they just brought in the one in the US instead of making a pinoy version (kahit na all other countries have they're own versions) kasi i dont think christopher de leon would be a good host...baka mag-feeling nanaman yon! tapos i dont think we have the "technology" to do it...can we match their sets?! can we get a person on the phone after one ring (baka mag-busy pa yon)?!
  • Viva TV just got the Philippine franchise of "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire". I think the computer technology will be brought in from Britain. Viva has chosen Christopher De Leon to be the Philippine Regis Philbin.

    I think prospective contestants will have to pay a certain fee to be eligible for this contest and they will still undergo a thorough screening. Payout: P2 million.
  • Lightspeed: That fee for prospective contestants would be a very minimal PhP 10. :)
  • Another execrable Filipino act. What's next? Survivor? Big Brother? CSI: Crime Scene Investigation[/i]? Judge Judy?

    Damn straight, enough Filipinos.


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