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Luxury Yacht Charter Dubai at Champion Yachts

Champion Yachts, the best luxury yacht charter Dubai brand is known not just for the quality of services provided on- board but, the reliability and way of functioning. This brands has some of the biggest yacht charter in Dubai with so much to explore on-board and around due to its unique route. Be it a honeymoon cruise in Dubai or a corporate meet in Dubai, book a cruise with Champions Yachts and here’s why you ought to do so:

·         Photographers, personal DJ/ live music available on request

·         Luxury dining spaces with gourmet quality food or buffets

·         Enjoy customized rooms- pick out from a variety of pillows, beddings etc.

·         Availability of computers and internet connection as per need (best for corporate meetings)

·         DJ, personal bartender, open bar – Best for parties

·         Striking lobby with spectacular meeting spaces, amazing interior décor and so on

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