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Kapamilya Forever Updates! ABS-CBN Is Beyond May 4, 2020 [Thread 14] ♥️💚💙

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PANOORIN: Music video ng awiting 'Kapamilya Forever' | TV Patrol

May 13, 2020
12.4M subscribers

Kapamilya Forever - Angelo Anilao (Lyrics)

May 16, 2020
 ABS-CBN Star Music
6.71M subscribers

Words by: Robert Labayen, Patrick De Leon & Lloyd Corpuz
Music by: Thyro Alfaro & Tiny Corpuz
Produced and Arranged by: Thyro Alfaro
Performed by: Angelo Anilao

ABS-CBN 2020 “Kapamilya Forever” (Kapamilya Artists Version)
May 20, 2020
 ABS-CBN Entertainment
35.1M subscribers

ABS-CBN 2020 “Kapamilya Forever” (Sharon Cuneta Version)
May 31, 2020
 ABS-CBN Entertainment
35.1M subscribers

Tinig ng mga Nawalan
Premiered Aug 31, 2020
 ABS-CBN Entertainment
35.1M subscribers

Ang tribute video ay likha ng ABS-CBN Creative Communications Management (CCM) sa pamumuno ng creative heads na sina Robert Labayen and Johnny Delos Santos, kasama ang direktor na si Paolo Ramos, music & sound head Lloyd Oliver Corpuz, at editor na si Jaimee Agonia. Si Thyro Alfaro ang sumulat ng musika ng “Tinig ng Mga Nawalan” habang akda naman nina Labayen at Des Parawan ang mga salita.

Kasama rin nila sa produksyon ang editors na sina Jaimee Agonia at Mark Gonzales, motion graphics artists Alfie Landayan, Karlo Victoriano, at Quennie Labrador, mga shooter na sina Lorenz Morales, Peewee Gonzales, Cristy Ann Narvaez Linga, Laxandra Chico, Lawrence Arvin Sibug, Glenn James Albaytar, Jonathan Perez, at Kris Aquino, at mga producer na sina Sheryl Ramos, Lawrence Arvin Sibug, Love Rose De Leon, Raywin Tome, Lloyd Corpuz, Christian Abuel, Harvey Talento, Edsel Misenas, Adrian Lim, Diana Directo, Aeina Tongohan, Des Parawan, Ed Ramirez, Karen Adiova, Kathrina Sanchez, Christine Estabillo, Miam Ramos, Dang Baldonado, Nathan Perez, Chiz Perez, Cidge Laxamana, Don Yu, Elisha Blando, Pam Mercado, Eric Po, Gem San Pedro, Ian Faustino, Jesse Giane, Kai Batac, Laxandra Chico, Niquee Garcia, Pau Lopez, Shally Tablada, Steph Angeles, Wow Vergara, Tess Mendoza, Aye Dungo, Con Ignacio, at Jaime Porca.



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    Wala nang mas titibay pa sa samahan ng magkakapamilya
    Apr 26, 2021
     ABS-CBN Entertainment
    35.1M subscribers

    Wala nang mas titibay pa sa samahan ng magkakapamilya. Sa tagumpay man o sa mga pagsubok, 
    ang pamilya ang ating inspirasyon sa buhay. Sa tinig nina Kathryn Bernardo at Daniel Padilla, ito po 
    ang aming nais ipabatid sa bawat Kapamilya. Kayo po ang aming liwanag at ligaya—ang nag-iisang 
    dahilan ng aming pagiging ABS-CBN.

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    ABS-CBN Summer Special ID 2021 "Feel Good Pilipinas" (with English Subs)
    Premiered May 30, 2021
     ABS-CBN Entertainment
    35.1M subscribers

    THE ABS-CBN Summer ID 2021 | Feel Good Pilipinas

    If there’s anything this pandemic has taught us, it is to live to the fullest—to seize 
    each waking day by living out our dreams and making beautiful memories with our
    lloved ones. But in these dark times when we are forced to be apart, we can still 
    find ways to be happy and show that we will always be here for one another. 
    This is the inspiration behind the Feel Good Pilipinas Special ID. With an upbeat song 
    and dance video that anyone can sing and dance to, this could be one of the fun ways 
    to bond with family and friends while spreading light and joy amid such a trying time. 

    The ABS-CBN FEEL GOOD PILIPINAS SPECIAL ID was created by the ABS-CBN Integrated 
    Creative Communication Management Division headed by Robert Labayen, Johnny Delos 
    Santos, and ABS-CBN COO Cory Vidanes. 

    Asia’s Soul Supreme” KZ Tandingan and rising P-Pop boy group BGYO composed of 
    Mikki Claver, JL Toreliza, Akira Morishita, Nate Porcalla, and Gelo Rivera collaborated 
    to perform the Feel Good Pilipinas song. Lyrics written by Robert Labayen and Lawrence 
    Arvin Sibug, translated to English by Maria Lourdes Parawan and brought to life by 
    composers Thyro Alfaro and Francis Salazar.

    FOR FULL CREDITS: https://ent.abs-cbn.com/videos/watch-...


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    Andito Kami Para Sa 'Yo | Kapamilya Stars - KathNiel, DonBelle, and more!
    Jun 3, 2021
     ABS-CBN Entertainment
    35.1M subscribers

    WATCH: Nasaan ka man, handa kaming maghatid ng kwento at inspirasyon! Kasama sina
    Angel Locsin, Gerald Anderson, Yam Concepcion, JM Rodriguez, Jhai Ho, Vivoree Esclito,
    Rhys Eugenio, Manuel Chua, ang #KathNiel at #DonBelle, andito kami para sa ‘yo!

    Andito kami para sa ‘yo — sa A2Z Channel 11 at TV5 sa free TV at digital box, sa Kapamilya
    Channel, Cinemo, at Jeepney TV sa cable, sa Kapamilya Online Live sa YouTube at Facebook,
    sa streaming platforms na iWantTFC at WeTV iflix, at sa TFC para sa mga Kapamilyas abroad.

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    Jul 10, 2021
     ABS-CBN Entertainment
    35.1M subscribers

    Andito pa rin ang ating pamilya dahil sa pagmamahal natin sa isa’t isa. Andito pa rin
    ang pag-asa dahil sa inyong walang hanggang suporta. ❤️💚💙

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    A shameful vote?: Why House still refuses to identify those who rejected ABS-CBN franchise bid

    Jauhn Etienne Villaruel, ABS-CBN News
    Posted at Jul 09 2021 04:00 PM | Updated as of Jul 09 2021 06:02 PM

    A shameful vote Why House still refuses to identify those who rejected ABS-CBN franchise bid 1
    ACT-CIS party list representative Eric Go Yap greets Bulacan 1st District representative 
    Jose Antonio Sy-Alvarado after the voting on ABS-CBN’s application for franchise renewal 
    on July 10, 2020. George Calvelo, ABS-CBN News

    This article is part of a series commemorating the House of Representatives' 70-11 vote on July 10, 2020 rejecting ABS-CBN's franchise renewal. 

    MANILA — "Are you proud of that vote?"

    It took Valenzuela Rep. Eric Martinez a 6-second pause to compose himself and answer what seemed to be a plain question. He and 69 other congressmen had voted to kill ABS-CBN's franchise bid 3 months earlier.

    "Of course, you have to stand with what your . . . With what your decision is," Martinez replied.

    It was October 2020, and Martinez found himself in an awkward television moment when he guested on ANC, the cable news channel of ABS-CBN

    In a span of 2 minutes, Martinez responded to related questions by the anchor. 

    "You know, I just have to move . . . Let’s just have to move forward with it and I just leave it at that.

    "I stand by my vote. It may not be popular to some . . . I just based my vote on the merits of what I saw," Martinez said. 

    The decision of 70 lawmakers on July 10 spelled the loss of livelihood for thousands of ABS-CBN employees and indirect stakeholders, as well as critical information needed by millions of Filipinos nationwide and overseas amid a crippling pandemic.


    Martinez is one of only a few who have publicly justified their decision to reject ABS-CBN’s franchise bid.

    Majority of the 70 lawmakers, however, chose to remain unidentified. 

    ABS-CBN News reached out to several offices of the House of Representatives to obtain an official list of lawmakers who denied the Kapamilya network's franchise bid, but these efforts led nowhere. 

    However, an unofficial list, vetted by ABS-CBN News sources from Congress, named the following as those who voted to kill ABS-CBN's franchise bid: 

    A shameful vote Why House still refuses to identify those who rejected ABS-CBN franchise bid 2


    Many are puzzled why most lawmakers behind ABS-CBN's franchise rejection have remained unidentified. 

    According to Jean Franco, associate professor of the UP Diliman Political Science Department, this translates to lack of transparency and accountability. 

    "Unang-una, it’s just a manifestation of the House of Representatives’ lack of accountability and transparency. One is they don’t want to be accountable for their decision. If you continue to hide, [that’s what it] means," the analyst said.

    Fear of vendetta could have also played a role, Franco added.

    "They probably are scared that eventually, media people, not just from ABS-CBN, will get back at them, especially since elections are coming, that’s why they’re trying to hide it."

    But Franco also underscored the fact that denying ABS-CBN a license to broadcast was a Palace-backed position. President Rodrigo Duterte had many times vowed to put ABS-CBN out of business prior to the franchise killing. 

    "They just have to follow orders, which is not surprising because historically, that's how the House behaves towards the president," she said.


    The non-disclosure of the names of those who voted against ABS-CBN's franchise is a new low in the context of the people's need for more information, said Franco.

    "It makes you question the practices of the House. We are in an era where information is very relevant and yet they continue to be opaque to the Filipino people. It’s terrible, it doesn’t bode well on the image of the House of Representatives, as if naman they have a good image to protect in the first place," Franco said.

    Franco added that this also demonstrates the arbitrary environment in which lawmakers of the House of Representatives operates.

    "I’m not just talking about the franchise bill, but also in the future. Ano pa 'yung pwede nilang itago in the future kumbaga? (What else can they hide from the public in the future?)."

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    'Right thing to do': Lawmakers stand by ABS-CBN a year after closure

    ABS-CBN News
    Posted at Jul 10 2021 04:53 PM

    Right thing to do Lawmakers stand by ABS-CBN a year after closure

    MANILA—"I believe that what I did was the right thing to do."

    For House Deputy Speaker Bienvenido Abante Jr., his vote to grant ABS-CBN Corp. a fresh franchise last year was something that he did not regret, even if it was unpopular. 

    "In most cases, one can have a clearer view of one's decision and actions in the past . . . I would have to say that I believe that my vote to last year's granting ABS-CBN a franchise was the right thing to do given what we knew then and what we know now... I voted something good at that time," Abante said in an interview on ANC.

    Abante, one of the so-called "Brave 11" Lower House lawmakers who backed the license renewal, said he would not have voted otherwise despite colleagues warning him that supporting the network at that time was "political suicide." 

    "That would be political suicide on my part. I would rather be truthful than try to skirt the issue. All along, in all of my political exercise or mandate, I have not been afraid to stand to what I believe is right," he said.

    "Whether they call it political suicide, then it is still that people would have to make a decision on. To me, I believe what I did was right, it was good not only for ABS-CBN but for the Filipino people as well . . . [And] for the 11,000 workers of ABS-CBN."

    He also questioned the 70 House lawmakers who opposed the network, pointing out that various regulatory agencies cleared ABS-CBN of violations during the 12 hearings

    Rep. Carlos Zarate agreed with Abante, saying the decision not to grant ABS-CBN its franchise was premeditated

    Zarate added that he stood by his vote to support ABS-CBN since it was for the sake of issues such as press freedom, access to free information, among other things.

    "Even prior to the summation and these hearings, there is already a decision to really not grant the franchise of ABS-CBN. It comes from ex cathedra if I may say, from the seat, authority in Malacañang," he said.

    "I think that's part of our position, that we have to stand on our ground. We believe that it is right not only for ABS-CBN, for the owners of ABS-CBN, but for the sake of bigger issues."


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