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Now Play Aion Classic, Are You Behind?

Are you behind in Aion Classic? The new version of the old game has been officially launched in the Americas a few days ago (for savvy Europeans, you can switch their location settings), and the first day's challenge has been launched.

You may not be the first to rise to level 50, but that's okay-there is still a lot of time to have fun. If you can swing in the queue, then it is.

Aion Classic is officially LIVE!

Join the ☀️Light, or enter the 🌑Darkness - and become Daeva today!

— Aion Classic (@Aion)

As we pointed out, the game’s founder pack includes everything from costumes and titles to game time, as well as an optional subscription (Siel's Aura) that allows abyss point collection, skill collection, and reward experience. Please note that everyone will receive Siel’s halo in the first week. We will see if there are enough Western players to participate in Aion's revenue than when it was launched in South Korea.

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