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Subx - building the worlds first startup ecosystem utilizing blockchain

Time and time again I hear people complaining about rug pulls, losing their funds to scams, putting their money in a project with a sleeping team but never do I hear people talking about the legit projects with insane scalability potential & real-world usage + utility.

Some of us are thrown the opportunity to get into real legit projects that impact people’s lives positively & still have a 100x scalability potential, yet we decide to only give way to hype or meme coins for the fake dream of 100x’ing in one day.

If you’re tired of that then listen up. Subx is building the first start-up ecosystem utilizing blockchain, by offering apps/services free of charge to token holders which inevitably will give them an edge when building their start-up. Time and time again do we hear people complain about not having the resources, not finding the resources to build up their start-up, nor knowing when to look where to look or where to learn. Subx is a problem solver for many.

Now let’s talk 100x+ scalability potential - there are around 305 million start-ups created per year, if Subx just manages to capture 0.33% of that audience, that would equate to one million token holders per year (133x from 7500 current holders). Also, 1% of all tax goes towards a venture capital fund which will be used to invest in start-ups voted upon by the community. The subx team plans to fund 888 start-ups by 2022!!! profits from each start up are reinvested and used to burn tokens, increasing scarcity and token value. You could be part of a journey that puts a positive impact on people & the world while gaining 3% reflection on the journey to 100x.

If you think that’s too good to be true & that this project could be a scam then let me tell you something. Subx is now a registered legal entity in Singapore, where laws and regulations are extremely strict. Not only is the registered legal entity one of the biggest green flags out there, but to put you at ease, contracts are audited by MythX, liquidity pool is locked and so are the team wallets. Additionally, all members of the team are doxed, you can find their LinkedIn profiles publicly available & Subx recently welcomed on board a venture capitalist who is from one of Asia’s top VC firms was a previous founder of a Nasdaq company. The team is highly experienced and have ran successful businesses & multiple successful exits from start-ups. They know the field extremely well and have a wide range of expertise and connections.

The Subx team have already developed a swap app that makes it easy for newcomers to buy tokens & are already progressing with their other product developments. There are rumors' that Subx will aim to partner with dragons’ den and shark tank in the future through linking the venture capital fund. In my opinion, something also tells me the government will be on board to supporting this project too. Subx is featured on many major news outlets already, such as Fox news, MarketWatch etc. They have also done 6 AMA’s already and are super transparent, they managed to pull off a Johnny Sins promo on the second day of launch which tells me that one could be in for a good ride.

For more info; telegram username is subxofficial

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