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Pinoy residences: bakit car port instead of a garage?

Nasanay tayo na tawaging garahe ang car port pero technically ang garahe, it's an enclosed space separate from the whole house. Yung kapitbahay namin sa Angeles on the street where I grew up, meron silang garahe. I think sa Ferndale Subdivision sa QC they have garages din? I can't remember. Can anyone confirm? 

Pero does anyone else think it's a good idea to have a garage? 

What most Pinoys have is a car port, which also sometimes doubles as a lounge area for guests. Doon kumakain kapag may salo salo pag may birthday or playground pag walang naka park na kotse.  Dito, unless it's a restaurant with a patio, people are concerned about fumes from the vehicle and not to mention the safety, so eating beside a parked vehicle is usually a no-no. So dito we usually don't use the garage for that, we use our backyard/deck as a sitting area and to serve meals. Garahe is usually strictly for vehicles and tools. Although I know some people use it for storage. Our garage is my boyfriend's man cave and I don't even go there lol. 

This pictures is not mine pero this is an example of a house with a 2 car garage with a car port on the right. What pinoys usually have is a car port on the right. 

Also, people here (in Canada) usually park their car on the driveway. Hindi todo alaga yung mga sasakyan so one nice thing I can say about Pinoys is they take extra care when it comes to their vehicle. It's fairly safe naman at di uso ang "carnapping" dito lol but it happens. 

Any specific reasons why garages Are rare? Mukhang doable naman. 


  • pong_padourpong_padour PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
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    Mas malalaki kasi ang cut ng lote sa ibang bansa so they ample space for a garage and driveway. Sa Pinas di naman. Sayang din kasi sa space at yung 2nd floor ng garage pwede pang gawing room or terrace.
    Eto typical na H&L with carports/garage sa neighborhood namin sa Manila.

  • DunedainDunedain PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Sa Pilipino, kapag may garage, ginagawang kwarto. :lol: No different from the logic of Kitchen and Dirty Kitchen. ;)
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