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what cryptocurrencies are you trading right now?

One tweet from elon musk and the crypto market is all over the place.
i'd like to know what crypto pairs you are trading right. I liquidated everything i had. I want to build a new porfolio of coins to hodl.


  • dirk18_dirk18_ PExer
    there's a new coin called $FEED. I've invested 1BNB equivalent and hodl-ing to see how it grows.

  • BirdChain has been transfer to a new team and it’s About to EXPLODE

    This is one under-valued token! BIRD. BirdChain is building an incredible Defi and NFT platform on Binance smart chain. BIRD is currently in the dip, very cheap and below pennies. With the DEFI and NFT platform to be launched, this one is going to PUMP hard.

    The DeFi and NFT project is built on Binance Smart Chain which will allow you to trade and do many activities at a very low gas fee, lower than what other defi currently offer.

    If you're looking for the next altcoin moonshot, BirdChain  is the right Altcoin.

    Get enough Birdchain BIRD tokens on pancakeswap.


    Even better, they've got an app to get the bird tokens for free.
    here it is: tiny.one/birdchain-app

  • Hi Guys, what you think about this project Neptune Mutual. I read a lot about it but still wondering whether its a good decision to put $1000 into it or not.
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