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Gravity is not a force

Frank_Macky Heretic / Infidel

“...if inertial mass and gravitational mass are exactly the same, everything will fall at the same speed, making it hard for a falling observer to establish that he is in a gravitational field.

Einstein hypothesized that, not only would it be hard, but in fact impossible. This thought lead him down a rabbit hole of curved spacetime and gravity being geometry, and in the process he (arguably) solves the mysteries of action at a distance and inertial/gravitational mass, that plagued Newton. Later investigations of the theory exposes strange effects such as how the center of a black hole is not a place in space but a moment in time.

This is the story of General Relativity.”


  • ElCid
    ElCid Roman Catholic
    What is your point? We already know that science is provisional so what is the point of this thread? 
  • At the center of the black hole, the singularity, the laws of physics cease to exist. Perhaps, there might be undiscovered laws governing the singularity.
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