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iQiyi: My Roommate is a Gumiho premieres on May 26

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iQiyi International’s First Original K-drama Series My Roommate Is a Gumiho Premieres on May 26th Simulcast with Korea - Same Day, Same Time!

After the love between Jun Ji-hyun and the alien Kim Soo Hyun in My Love from the Star took Asia by the storm, the Korean legendary creature “Gumiho” (Nine-tailed fox)  falls in love with a girl 977 years younger than him in iQiyi’s first K-drama series My Roommate Is a Gumiho! Adapted from 9.9 score popular Korean webtoon, the upcoming series features Jang Ki-yong that perfectly embodies the mythical character. After her appetite creates a big trouble, is marriage the only solution for Lee Hye-ri?

My Roommate Is a Gumiho
, an original K-drama series adapted from the 9.99 score popular Korean webtoon, stars Jang Ki-yong, who debuted in IU’s music videos, and Lee Hye-ri (Reply 1988). The series tells the story about a “Gumiho” (Nine-tailed fox)  Shin Woo-yeo that has lived in the human world for hundreds of years. Right before he can permanently turn into a human, his fox beads are swallowed by Lee Dam in an accident. Forced to live together for a solution, they set many rules for cohabitation to live their lives. It becomes a new romance between human and non-human.

In private, Lee Hye-ri is as straightforward as the character Lee Dam, and enjoys food as much as she wants. However, her appetite ultimately brings her troubles, even a forced marriage. Lee recently did a photoshoot with Jang Ki-yong for a magazine. With great chemistry in photos, many fans are worried that Lee’s real boyfriend Ryu Jun-yeol will be envious, and look forward to their romance in the series. After My Love from the Star years ago, this will be the most groundbreaking romantic comedy that will be known across Asia.

Start-Up alumni Kang Han Na and Kim Do Wan also star in My Roommate is a Gumiho. In the story, Yang Hye-sun (Kang Han-na) is another nine-tailed fox who has transformed into a human five years ago. This character is 200 years younger than Shin Woo-yeo, and is hurt emotionally by past experiences. While Kang often portrays aggressive and fierce career women in the past, she will need to decide whether to embrace true love. Kim Do-wan has delivered impressive performances over the past five years. His role, Do Jae-jin, is a good friend of Lee Dam, and always gets lost in love. Starting his career in web series, Bae In-hyuk plays Gye Sun-woo, a handsome and wealthy man that has a crush on Lee Dam after pretending to like her in the first place. 

What’s a “Gumiho” (Nine-tailed fox):
 The term “Gumiho” means “Nine-tailed fox” in Korean and has long been a legendary figure in Korea. It appears in historical records in Samguk sagi and Samguk yusa during the Goryeo period (918-1392). Over the years, many television series have included this creature. Legends say that nine-tailed foxes transform into humans to seduce married men, so this character has always been played by actresses, until Lee Dong-wook in Tale of the Nine Tailed. As Jang Ki-yong interprets this creature in a comedy, it will once again overturn some stereotypes. 

iQiyi International’s first original K-drama series, My Roommate Is a Gumiho, will premiere Wednesday May 26 at 21:30 / 9:30pm SGT with new episodes Wednesdays and Thursdays simulcast with Korea - the same day, the same time!
About iQiyi International
Headquartered in Singapore, iQiyi International is an on-demand video streaming service providing beloved pan-Asian entertainment to international viewers. Offering both ad-supported and VIP subscription services, iQiyi International delivers premium drama series, movies, variety shows, and anime; with local languages and subtitles; powered by cutting-edge technology. iQiyi International also makes its technology available to other entertainment services through SaaS partnerships. iQiyi International can be enjoyed on any device via iQ.com and the app. iQiyi International is owned by iQiyi, Inc. (Nasdaq: IQ).


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    Final Countdown: My Roommate is A Gumiho Global Launch

    iQiyi’s First Original K-Drama Series Releases a 5-Minute Sneak Peek Video

    Jang Ki-yong acts extremely stern in the drama but still has amazing chemistry with Lee Hye-ri even when they’re not filming

    iQiyi’s My Roommate Is A Gumiho will be simulcast online starting May 26th, every Wednesday and Thursday at 9:40 p.m.

    View 5-min Sneak Peak Video

    iQiyi’s first original Korean drama “My Roommate Is A Gumiho” will launch globally on Friday, May 26, simulcast with Korea at 9:40pm SGT. The webtoon megahit adapted series today released a 5-minute sneak peek video where lead actors Jang Ki-yong and Lee Hye-ri were spotted onsite in a playful mood!

    In the video, Jang Ki-yong flattered Hye-ri by saying it isn’t without reason that she is so pretty, and even thoughtfully gave Hye-ri a shoulder massage to help relieve her stress. It ended up luring out the “old uncle” spirit inside of Hye-ri! Jang Ki-yong’s various looks in “My Roommate Is A Gumiho” show off his ability to make any outfit look good. Jang Ki-yong is known to have a great figure that can carry off any outfit. In the drama, he lives through more than 900 years of history, so the various outfits he wears according to the different eras are also very eye-catching while Hye-ri’s professional performance and the great chemistry between the two are the drama’s biggest highlights.

    A Gumiho, Jang Ki-yong showed off his “magic touch” on set and gave Hye-ri a shoulder massage to relieve her stress. With her straightforward personality, Hye-ri let out groans and gave Jang Ki-yong a thumbs-up saying, “Amazing!” This triggered him to laugh and say, “You sound like an old uncle!” Although Jang Ki-yong usually loves to have midnight snacks, he purposely refrained from eating during the poster shoot to stay handsome on camera. When Hye-ri found out, she couldn’t help but say, “I didn’t even eat dinner!” Being the sweet-talker that he is, Jang Ki-yong immediately said, “No wonder your pictures always look so pretty!” Unlike his stern and serious personality in the drama, Jang Ki-yong is indeed an expert with the ladies in real life!

    When the drama’s other bickering couple, Kang Han-na and Kim Do-wan, were doing their shoot, Han-na had a mature, beautiful look, while Kim Do-wan bashfully expressed that he was dressed like a cute little boy. The development of this couple’s love story is also highly anticipated.

    “My Roommate Is A Gumiho” is about a nine-tailed fox, Shin Woo-yeo (played by Jang Ki-yong), who has been secretly living in the mortal world for several hundred years and is finally set to become human soon. However, when Lee Dam (played by Hye-ri) accidentally swallows the fox bead that he needs to become human, the two are forced to live together and think of a solution. Unexpectedly, romance blooms.

    iQiyi’s first original K-drama series, My Roommate Is a Gumiho, will premiere Wednesday May 26 at 9:40 SGT with new episodes Wednesdays and Thursdays simulcast with Korea - the same day, the same time!

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    iQiyi’s first K-drama series My Roommate Is a Gumiho Cast Greetings and Invitation

    The best romance comedy is finally here! iQiyi’s first K-drama series My Roommate Is a Gumiho (premiered May 26th) offers the optimal binge experience. At the recent press event in Seoul, Lee Hye-ri said she encountered some challenges to play a character five years younger. Feeling almost like a generational gap, she didn’t exactly understand how young people thought. The connection between Lee Hye-ri and Jang Ki-yong in the poster was very enticing, and she was very satisfied with “the romantic result”. Jang said that Lee “was the most reliable person during the difficult time”. Kang Han-na and Kim Do-wan and their characters developed from adversaries to friendship in the story. Why did the director think Bae In-hyuk was too nice for the role?

    In the long-awaited iQiyi’s first K-drama series My Roommate Is a Gumiho, a “Gumiho” (Nine-tailed Fox) Shin Woo-yeo (played by Jang Ki-yong) has been discreetly living in the human world for centuries. Waiting for the time to become human permanently, his fox beads are swallowed by Lee Dam (played by Lee Hye-ri). Forced to live together for a solution, they set many rules for cohabitation to live their lives. It becomes a new romance between human and non-human. On the other hand, another Gumiho Yang Hye-sun (played by Kang Han-na) has become human for the fifth year. She is about to embrace a new romantic and unconventional relationship with Do Jae-jin (played by Kim Do-wan). Gye Sun-woo (played by Bae In-hyuk), a handsome and wealthy man, has a crush on Lee Dam after pretending to like her in the first place, and Shin Woo-yeo feels anxious for the first time after more than 900 years!

    Director Nam Sung-Woo with the five leading actors participated in the press event. Asked if there was any pressure to adapt a popular webtoon, Nam responded that appearance and personality were major considerations during the casting process. For example, for the 999-year-old Shin Woo-yeo, the character needed to look restrained but extremely handsome, and Nam believed Jang fit really well. He also heard the original webtoon creator envisioned the leading female character with Lee Hye-ri in mind. Therefore, after reading the script, he was further convinced that Lee was the ideal choice. Kang Han-na was aggressive but silly sometimes, and Kim Do-wan was pure and adorable. Both were similar to those characters. However, Nam said, Bae In-hyuk initially looked too nice to him, compared to the character. Since his character Gye Sun-Woo repented later in the story, though, Nam was satisfied with the cast in the end.

    There have been quite a few K-drama series about “Gumiho” (Nine-tailed Fox). When asked about how this series was different, Lee answered that the story was a romance between a Gumiho male and human female, starting from a cohabitation. Her role, Lee Dam, had never been in love before, but she expressed emotions directly, and pretended to feel comfortable about the relationship. After she encountered Shin Woo-yeo (played by Jang Ki-yong), she felt intimidated at first. Later, she found out he was considerate, polite, and gentle. Therefore, their interactions gained traction. To play this role well, Lee gave up several opportunities in variety shows to stay committed to the series. Her poster with Jang also received positive reviews from the public. “I am pleasantly surprised and grateful to the positive feedback just with the poster,” Lee said. As this series finished production before promotional materials, unlike typical production processes, they were already familiar to each other during photo shoots. As the role was five years younger than she was, Lee pointed out, she studied a lot about younger people, and asked them about their reactions. Even though there was no generation gap, she needed to learn more. During the process, she also realized similarities and differences between Lee Dam and herself. It also motivated her to play this role well.

    Jang said the chemistry between the two characters went well from the very beginning. Lee was very positive all the time, and also very helpt on site. He once felt lost during the production, and felt challenged sometimes. He was grateful to Lee to finish this series. In the first romance fantasy/comedy of his, Jang encountered some obstacles at the beginning. As things got better later on, he was happy to deliver what he attempted to do.

    Kang Han-na and Kim Do-wan and their characters had a lot of tension. While there were prior collaborations, Kang said she had limited interactions with Kim in the past. She was happy to know about this collaboration this time, and messaged Kim to discuss it. Kang considered herself lucky to develop this relationship with Kim in the story, and it showed in their performances. The emerging actor Bae In-hyuk was tasked to play a popular role in the webtoon, and he felt pressured to interpret it well. Bae and his appearance were popular among fans, said Lee, and he had the resemblance with the character. Lee also looked forward to Bae and his performance.

    Now streaming at iQiyi mobile app and iQ.com, catch My Roommate Is a Gumiho every Wednesday and Thursday at 9:40pm.
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    iQiyi’s first original K-drama series sees great ratings in the premiere week

    My Roommate is a Gumiho simulcast streaming with Korea every Wed & Thu at 9:40pm

    iQiyi’s webtoon-adapted series My Roommate is a Gumiho has reported great responses in the premiere week. The first episode has reached the fourth highest rating in Wednesday & Thursday drama history in tvN. The rating for the second episode is 4.3% on average nationally.

    In the rom-com, Lee Hye-ri’s character is forced to live together with Jang Ki-yong, she even has to abide by three rules, and feels hopeless in life. To stay true to the character, Lee Hye-ri gets drunk, gets on her knees, and rolls on the ground. During the production process, Lee often treated the crew with barbeque, and gave away thermal shirts to everyone. However, she was so embarrassed to know that Jang got a defective one.

    In the first episode, Gumiho (Nine-tailed fox) Shin Woo-yeo (played by Jang Ki-yong) has gained humanity by kissing different women. As he witnesses nearly a thousand years of Korean history, he has appeared in many different times and outfits, but all looked handsome. When Shin encounters college student Lee Dam (Lee Hye-ri), his fox beads get out and were accidentally  swallowed by Lee. Without any other options, Shin proposes to live together for a solution, and even shows his true self to convince her. As foxes are afraid of tigers and intimidated by chicken, he feels ill when he touches men born in Years of Tiger, or eats chicken. Also, Lee acts crazy when drunk. Therefore, Shin bans Lee from interacting with men born in Years of Tiger, drinking, or eating chicken. Stripped away from the things she enjoys, Lee feels the world is hopeless. To play this funny character, Lee Hye-ri is fully committed with all kinds of twisted facial expressions. She falls on the ground, gets drunk, and gets on her knees when hearing Shin is already 999 years old. She even reaches out to Bae In-hyuk for her clogged toilet. All these funny performances have secured average rating 5.3% nationally, 5.7% at the highest point, 5.9% in the capital region, and 6.6% at the highest point. In tvN, it has reached the fourth highest rating in Wednesday & Thursday drama history. The second episode has reported average rating 4.3% nationally, 4.6% at the highest point, 4.8% in the capital region, and 5.3% at the highest point. It has the highest rating across all TV channels for two days in a row!

    Four leading actors, Jang Ki-yong, Lee Hye-ri, Kang Han-na, and Kim Do-wan, have recorded exclusive interviews for iQiyi International. As the series has completed filming recently, Lee really misses the crew. Jang reveals that Lee was the only person in tears when they made the last scene. When asked about Jang, Lee says he is more adorable than expected. Jang is surprised by the comment, as “no one has described me as adorable before”. While Lee turns to Kang for recognition, the host says Kang seems reluctant to answer this question. Kang actually thinks Jang is funny and more humorous off set, and Jang seems quite satisfied with the response.
    Kim praises that Lee was very generous on set, and often treated the crew with barbeque. Kang also mentioned that Lee gave away clothes as gifts for the winter. Quite satisfied with a thermal shirt, she bought it for everyone. However, she questions why Jang had only worn it once. Jang said he was really grateful for the shirt, but it wasn’t as warm as he thought. His response reminds Lee that he got the only defective one, and she feels extremely embarrassed. For more interviews, visit iQiyi International. If you want to follow Jang and Lee and their romantic cohabitation life, witness how Kang and Kim start their relationship, and how Jang feels threatened by Bae In-hyuk.
    Stay tuned to iQiyi International’s first original K-drama series My Roommate is a Gumiho simulcast streaming with Korea every Wednesday and Thursday at 9:40pm.
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    Jang sings a Korean classic song to pay tribute to Reply 1988, Lee gives out her classic expression.


    iQiyi’s first original K-drama series, My Roommate is a Gumiho, adapted from webtoon, has won the ratings for two weeks in a row. In a recent interview, Jang chose Kim Do-wan over Lee Hye-ri as roommate for common interests, and Lee felt so devastated. Jang and Lee enjoyed their romantic cohabitation. Jang spoiled the girl, and pleased her by singing a Korean classic song. It was a tribute to Lee’s signature work Reply 1988, and Lee reinstated her classic expression.

    iQiyi International’s first original K-drama series My Roommate is a Gumiho simulcast streaming with Korea every Wednesday and Thursday at 9:40pm. 

    When asked about choosing a roommate in the cast in an exclusive interview by iQiyi International, Jang Ki-yong, Lee Hye-ri, Kang Han-na, Kim Do-wan, and Bae In-hyuk spoke honestly. Jang initially said he preferred friends with a simple mind, and chose Kim as they both enjoyed video games. Kim agreed to this point of view, and chose Jang. Lee chose to live with Shin Woo-yeo played by Jang, since this character took care of people and understood their preferences. She also mocked Jang for choosing gaming over her. Feeling panic about Lee’s response, Jang immediately wanted to “correct my answer”, and even said “I can still take care of others while playing video games”. However, Lee already decided to “let him go” since Jang wanted to choose another cast. In comparison, the other couple, Kang and Kim, in the series made a “wise” choice, and chose each other. Lee pretended to be devastated by Jang’s answer and said “you really can’t do this to me”. After Kang also chose Kim, Lee and Jang laughed out loud in agreement. Surprisingly, Bae chose Shin, as it would be convenient to live with a roommate that used spells to clean home and teleport. As to their roommate criteria, Jang said he could have as many as six meals a day, so it was important for his roommate “to love food and games”.

    The 999-year-old Gumiho (nine-tailed fox) Shin Woo-yeo (played by Jang Ki-yong) is expecting to become human, since his fox beads start to change color. After the beads are swallowed by a 22-year-old college student Lee Dam, though, he decides to live with her to find solutions. Trying to reject Gye Sun-Woo (played by Bae In-Hyuk) politely, Lee goes on a fake date with Shin, and they become closer afterwards. The considerate Shin sends an umbrella to her on rainy days, and listens to her frustrations at school. Lee cries in his arms, and goes to karaoke with him. Shin also goes to meetings in Lee’s appearance with spells when she feels unwell. Even though he is considerate and romantic, Shin feels hesitant to love due to traumatic prior experiences. While the story seems to take a heart-wrenching turn, the cast remains joyful when they collaborate. Lee continues to post behind-the-scenes photos on Instagram. To play her character well, she puts on a beard and an ancient costume, and thinks herself “handsome”. After Episode 4 was broadcast, Lee and Jang both posted a photo holding hands on their respective Instagram. Jang wrote “let’s watch Episode 4”, and Lee combined their character names “Dam Woo-yeo” to promote the series.


    In Episode 4, Lee sings passionately and excitingly, Jang also sings a classic song released in 1982 in Korea. Lee is in shock to hear this song. In fact, in her previous work, Reply 1988, all the parents in the series sang the same song together in the second episode. She was also in shock then. If viewers and fans remember and compare, it is fun to watch how Lee reinstates the classic expression six years ago. The funny and romantic storyline performs well. Episode 3&4 received the highest rating among cable channels (in South Korea) in the same time slot. Episode 4 enjoys 4.4% of rating nationally on average, 4.9% at the highest point, 4.7% in the capital region, and 5.5% at the highest point.

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    Don’t miss out and catch your favorite K-Drama actors’ cameos in My Roommate is a Gumiho episodes 7 & 8 on iQiyi


    Go Kyung-pyo (from Reply 1998), Kang Mina (former member of girl group I.O.I. ) and Jung So-Min (Monthly Magazine Home) make their anticipated cameos in My Roommate is a Gumiho


    The latest episodes (7 & 8) of “My Roommate is a Gumiho” bring the series to new interesting turns as the relationship between Lee Dam (Lee Hye Ri) and Shin Woo-ye0 (Jang Ki yong) changes significantly.  When Mountain Spirit (Go Kyung-pyo) reminds Shin that time is running out before he turns 1,000 years old, they will turn to demons.  As Shin defeats other demons that prey on the fox bead that Dam swallowed, Shin painfully decides to retrieve the bead with a kiss. In order to protect Dam, he also has to erase her memories. Feeling lost and empty after leaving Dam, he decides to appear again around Lee as a history professor. The beautiful reunion happens in a sunny rain, and Shin finally realizes his emotions and feelings about Dam.


    We’re also introduced to the exciting cameos of Kang Mi-na (former girl group member I.O.I.) who portrays Kim Do-Yeon’s ex-girlfriend and Jung So-Min (Monthly Magazine Home) who played a woman whom Shin loved in the past and revisits Shin in modern times.

     Find out what’s next in “My Roommate is a Gumiho” on the iQiyi app and iQ.com every Wednesday and Thursday.

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     “My Roommate Is a Gumiho” Nears Finale - Last Two Episodes Streams July 14 & 15

    Leading up to the series’ finale (last two episodes) on July 14 and 15 on iQiyi and iQ.com, the latest episodes of “My Roommate is a Gumiho” took the viewers to a rollercoaster of emotions when Lee Dam (played by Lee Hye ri) and Shin Woo-yeo (jang Ki yong) broke up and reconciled trying to overcome the fated hurdles along their way.

    In last week’s episodes 13 & 14, we saw how Lee Dam tried to change her destiny and learned about the secret how gumiho can transform into human, finally securing a promise from Mountain Spirit for her personal safety.
    As Lee Dam returns to cohabitation with great expectations, they spent the first night with Dam sleeping comfortably in Shin’s arms but makes Shin sleepless.  The next day, he refuses to sleep together again. This poses a crisis to Lee’s Human Transformation Plan. As their dating photos spread on campus and become a major gossip, Lee chooses to confront everyone, admits to the relationship, and breaks away from unsolicited affections. She explains to Shin how the red thread and destiny issue is resolved, she is surprised to see how Shin gets jealous, but finds him as “the most adorable 999-year-old creature ever”.   As their relationship becomes clearer, Lee gives him two goodnight kisses and says implicitly that “there will be no dangers anymore”. Shin kisses back passionately and flirts that “you are really now in danger”.

    Directed by Nam Sung-Woo, iQiyi International’s first original K-series My Roommate Is a Gumiho is adapted from the namesake webtoon by scriptwriters behind What's Wrong With Secretary Kim. The series has been popular with many positive comments internationally. The production team first selects Jang Ki-yong to play Shin Woo-yeo, as he demonstrates fox qualities. The webtoon creator mentions that the work is created with Lee Hye-ri in mind. As two actors fit well into main characters, the cast receives overwhelmingly positive reviews. Before the series ends, director Nam Sung-Woo and the production team express gratitude and best wishes to viewers. He hopes the series can offer some happiness, and invites everyone to enjoy and support this heartwarming and relaxing story.

    Ending next week, "My Roommate Is a Gumiho" is streaming on iQiyi, simulcast with South Korea every Wednesday and Thursday at 9:40pm.

    Download the iQiyi app or log in to www.iQ.com  for more amazing Asian shows.
    Check iQiyi PH social media pages for more updates - Facebook , IG,   TwitterYouTubeTiktok
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