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Can You Tutor Accounting, Finance, Management and Economics? Apply here!

Course Hero is an online learning platform that connects students and teachers globally. Our company is rapidly growing and in much need of Expert Tutors. If you're interested to apply please see the details  
Responsibilities Qualifications Duration Compensation 
  • Answer student's questions about specific subjects. 
  • Help students with their homework. 
  • Give high-quality answers. 
  • College level (Dean's listers amazing credentials) 
  • Master's Degree Holder 
  • Doctorate Degree Holder 
  • Professionals 
  • Business Major is an advantage 
Flexible / Freelance 
Part-time / Full-Time 
$3.00 per question answered.  
Earn up to $1200 if you work full time.  
Work at your own pace anytime, anywhere.  
1. We are only able to accommodate one application per person.
2. There will be no interviews after signing up, that’s why it’s important to follow instructions.  
3. Make sure that you're using 1 email address to sign up.
4. Prepare all your documents and credentials and compile them in 1 pdf file. (The platform doesn't accept multiple documents for upload.)
5. DO NOT FORGET to use the referral code EJL to make sure that your application will be prioritized.

Send me an email at:  [email protected]
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