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PEx Summer 2021 Badges

pexer99pexer99 👀 PEx Admin
edited May 4 in PEx How To's
This year (for the second time), we're spending summer a bit different from what we're used to.

Sun's up! We can't do much outside, so share the indoor activities you're planning this summer! It could be learning to make your favorite summer treats, or channeling your inner barista to serve yourself an ice cold coffee or any drinks to beat the heat. :chew: :drinker:

Yes, we can't exactly go to different places for vacation now (:sweatdrop:) but we can reminisce our travels to the tourist destinations we've been and plan future travels to places that has our interests. Share your kind of summer vacation:smile:


Stay cool, PExers! :sunglasses:


  • bigheartbigheart PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    edited April 27
    I was able to visit our so-called "Tahanan" in Mt. Maranat just a week before the country was put under ECQ last month. It had been a year since my last climb, so I terribly missed plunging my body in cold and fresh water streaming  all the way from Sierra Madre. 
  • bayaniVANbayaniVAN Trev,Thib,Padar,Yacine,Thimo PEx Expert 🎖️
    edited April 28
    Stay cool, PExers!

    Sun's up!
  • cool, PExers
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