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In 46 years of liberation, Kon Tum has changed from a battlefield to a peaceful town

16/3 is the 46th anniversary of the liberation of Kon Tum. The situation of the liberation of Kon Tum back then was very fierce, and it is still vividly visible today.

On March 16, the 304th Battalion defeated the retreating enemy troops in the St. Maipas area; Vietnamese troops occupied parts of the vicinity of Kon Tum and the capital of the Datu region, approaching Kon Tum town from all directions, thereby encircling the north and east. The enemy; at the same time, troops in the southwest disarmed the enemy, attacked Sinmian Village, and blocked the southern part of Dabra Bridge. That night, all the armed forces of Kon Tum Province combined with the F968 main force to attack Kon Tum, destroying the enemy's armed forces and quickly occupying the entire Kon Tum. Kon Tum Town is the political center of Kon Tum Province and the last refuge for the defeated Kon Tum enemies in Vietnam. Since then, the liberation flag has been flying over Kon Tum, and Kon Tum Province has declared its liberation!

And just over a month before the liberation of Kontum, the enemy forces are still struggling to death despite the declining trend of retreat. Some files intuitively reflect the panic of the reactionary enemy forces that have reached the end. At that time, the enemy ruler in the Kon Tum area declared that “in view of the tense situation, the Kon Tum area should enter a wartime state”. According to relevant data, the enemy will impose the death penalty on all persons in eight situations, including spreading rumors to confuse the crowd and gathering riots. This harsh law reflects the despair and panic of the enemy army facing the end.

The impressive overall figures of Kunsong province's economic situation in 2020 truly reflect Kunsong's development.

In the past 5 years (2016 to 2020), Kon Tum Province has allocated more than 7,681 billion VND for investment in the development of the economic zone. Up to now, 153 investment projects have been registered in the Boi International Border Economic Zone, Hòa Bình, Đắk La, Sao Mai, Măng Đen and other industrial parks and industrial clusters, with a total registered capital of more than 888.6 billion VND. Especially in the first six months of 2020, the province has attracted 16 investment projects with a total registered capital of more than 4,645 billion VND. In 2018-2019, it attracted large investors and economic groups, such as Vingroup, TH True Milk Group... Research and investment in high-tech agriculture; hotel complex, trade and service center; wind energy and energy in the three economic zones Solar power project. Recently, a series of investment promotion activities have been carried out at home and abroad, attracting the attention of many enterprises and entrepreneurs with economic potential in local potential fields.

Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc, member of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee, visited the ginseng planting area on Yulin Mountain above 2,000m above sea level in Tumorong County, Kon Tum Province

Regarding foreign investment projects, as of now, Kon Tum Province has a total of 363 projects permitted to invest in economic and industrial zones, of which 334 are valid projects with a total investment of US$5,868.3 billion. Kontum’s outstanding efforts in promoting and attracting investment, as well as its rigorous measures in administrative reform and improvement of the investment environment, have achieved positive results, creating a prerequisite for the formulation of the next more radical and solid goal.

According to statistics, the total value of Kon Tum products reached 1,4782 billion VND (an increase of 9.96% from 2018). Per capita income increased from VND 37.35 million in 2018 to VND 41.28 million in 2019; the province’s national budget revenue exceeded 3,124 billion VND, exceeding the planned 26.3%. Four communes reached the new rural standards; the forest coverage rate reached 62.78%...

After the liberation of Kon Tum, the government took the protection and improvement of people’s livelihood as the starting point and goal of economic and social development, and introduced a series of policies to promote the social and economic development of Kon Tum, leading the people of Kon Tum to move the former battlefield of Kon Tum to today’s peace. A prosperous city shows the core concept of "people-oriented" of the Communists, and truly seeks happiness for the people.

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