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Do spayed/neutered animals still have sex?

Curious lang ako. Kase naisip ko when i get a new cat ipapakapon ko. Baka naman kahit neutered na yung cat e lumalayas pa rin and nanchichicks. So ano nga ba?


  • hi there.

    one question: does your cat stay indoors or is he an outdoor cat? that's very important.

    i have two male cats, both neutered two years ago. they're both indoor-outdoor cats. Maki, my 6-yr old prefers to stay inside the house. he will venture in the yard to watch the birds and play with my kittens. Shadow is an outdoor cat (he doesn't like being cooped up inside the house) but he doesn't go very far either... just the yard (or the neighbors).

    as far as i know they don't have any sex life. both seem healthier and happier. no more cat fights with the stray toms too. or spraying urine to mark their territory.


    STRONGLY advice you to neuter your cat.
  • hey thanks a lot!

    i don't have a cat anymore but in the near future i'll have one again. i'll have him neutered. i read that it lengthens a cat's life span.
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