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I just want to share this app to those people who loves taking care of their skin and those who want to start now, the Picky app is a great way to learn about products that will help you with your skin concerns. 

We've all been down the road of buying products because they were hyped up but ended up being disappointed. The app will ask questions to assess your skin type and will match it with products that will work for you! The community there is also super helpful, enthusiastic and there are experts/dermatologists to guide you too.

I am using this app to know more about skin care products, the ingredients and which product is the best for my skin. This app is for us, Skin care Junkies! ♥️

P.S. They do weekly giveaways for both international and those in the US! Just join discussions, write reviews and invite friends to  increase your points.

*** current campaign is for COSRX Propolis Light Ampoule, SOMETHINC Glow maker clarifying treatment toner, Somethinc 10% Niacinamide + moisture sabi beet max brightening serum, and somethinc ceramic skin savior moisturizer gel. To those who like to join, you can win these products for free in exchange of honest review.

Download Go Picky app! Available in Appstore and Google store!

Use my code to get u started > 83FC2F60

See you in our growing community and be a part of our #PickySquad or #SuperPickySquad skincare reviewer💖

Picky app photos here incase you're wondering: https:/💕/drive.goo💕gle.com/fol💕derview?id=1swX💕sJ-TNO💕KX-5vpNftZVj💕pU0xw2S-D75

Kindly remove the 💕, i can't post links yet :<
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