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50 BTR Instantly on Bitranium Wallet — Airdrop — No App Required


Turkey’s first digital money with payment infrastructure

Thanks to the Bitranium wallet, your transactions are now more secure

Get your 50 BTR reward now by registering for the Bitranium wallet

Sign up faster with the new design of the Bitranium wallet

Start mining immediately by registering for a Bitranium wallet

Earn 4 BTR per day with mining

Gain +0.50 digging speed with every reference you bring

New Generation Payment System

Payments are now easier with BitraPay

With 10 world-known crypto currencies and Bitranium, instantly buy the product you want from the internet.

Maintain volatility in payments thanks to instant data captured from the stock exchange.

Meet a faster and safer world.

Pay even if you are in space


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