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P-POP Generation (Viva's Idol Girl Group)

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One of the country’s biggest entertainment outfit in the Philippines, Viva Communications Inc. led by Vic del Rosario partnered with the RTM of Japan represented by Masatoshi Mano a.k.a MC Man and Ryota Naito, brings fresh breed of talent in the Philippine entertainment scene this 2019, the PPOP Generation: Boom Ganda!

What makes a p-pop girl
What makes a p-pop girl?

PPOP Generation is a Filipino girl group that showcases the youth, beauty, and talent of the 45 lovely young ladies from different parts of the Philippines.

After countless workshops and intensive trainings under the legendary Ms. Geleen Eugenio and voice coaches Sushi Reyes and Zeb Zuniga, the girls are all set to wow Metro Manila with their charming personality, exceptional talent, and dazzling beauty.



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