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Gabb, Abby, & Sela Stans - MNLoves

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Gabb Skribikin

  1. Hobbies: Reading books and video editing
  2. Pet peeve: You talking but doesn't get your attention.
  3. One thing that she can't live without: Her family.
  4. Favorite comfort food: Matcha ice cream
  5. Favorite color: Black
  6. Favorite hair color: Ash grey
  7. Favorite drink: Chuckie chocolate milk drink
  8. Favorite book series: The Maze Runner
  9. She used to collect cute erasers when she was little.
  10. Can sleep with her eyes half-open.
  11. Scared of popping balloons.
  12. Often being shipped with Ashley (GAsh), but after she graduated from the group, Gabb is now being shipped to a lot of members, most notably, Ella and Coleen.
  13. Describes herself as persistent, naughty but nice, and resilient.
  14. Of Finnish and Russian descent.
  15. Due to a sickness when she was a child, she had a hearing impairment. As a result, her right ear can't hear.
  16. She has six piercings.


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