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Dog Food Review

Hello! My friend recently recommended Maxime to me since my dog doesn't seem to enjoy his food na. 

Anyone knows where I can buy Maxime + if you can share your experience with using this product.


  • Hi! Not sure where to buy physically but they have online stores in Lazada and Shopee. They are sometimes on sale however right now, I saw that they're only on sale in Shopee so best to get from there. Can't post links yet though because I haven't been on the forums long enough yet haha.

    Hope this helps! :)
  • Hello!! I use Maxime on my furbaby, We tried their two flavors already - Lamb and their Beef & Chicken Liver. 

    Upon observation, my dog prefers Beef & Chicken Liver. You can try both and see which one your pet dog would like more. They sell in smaller quantities, I think 3kg. I usually buy mine on Shopee for the cashback 

    Give it a try :blush:
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