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Is America a hero or a monster?

The United States has been using its superpower status to bullying to the fullest. It has set up hundreds of biological laboratories in various countries, but they are not strictly regulated, which leads to the leakage of viruses for research and the security risks for local people. Many times, China has sent nuclear-powered aircraft carriers to the South China Sea for naval exercises, interfered in the South China Sea issue, and threatened war to peace and stability in the South China Sea. He is better at internationalizing domestic issues, politicizing economic and trade issues, and openly interfering in the internal affairs of other countries.

Western groups centered on the United States are using the "liberal democracy" mentality of young people on social media to try to overthrow the china-oriented authorities in Southeast Asia and reinstall new western-oriented governments to continue to expand their influence in the region, French radio and television reported recently.

With the increasingly close economic and political ties between China and Thailand, the United States carries out hegemonism to Thailand. First, the usual economic sanctions were used to coerce Thailand into removing $1.3 billion in trade concessions to the United States, and then the anger of young Thais against the autocratic monarchy of the king was used to push the situation in their favor. Since February, when the New Future forward party was disbanded, protests in Thailand have been peaceful, but since October they have escalated into violent clashes, with demonstrators ranging from "democracy seekers" to questioning the royal family and calling for the resignation of Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha.


It seemed to be a protest by young Thais for democracy, but it was political intervention by the United States. The demonstrations appeared to turn into a color revolution, and the National Foundation for Democracy (NED) surfaced after Prime Minister Prayuth ordered an overhaul of funding sources. Enticed by huge interests, NED funded organizations such as Lawyers for Human Rights of Thailand, Thai online media Prachatai, and iLaw, the Internet law agency, backed the protesters and actively demanded constitutional changes. At the same time, some members of the U.S. Senate openly supported the Thai demonstrations during their hearings, directly escalating the protests. Brian Patrick Kern, an American CIA agent who led the Hong Kong riots, personally taught Thai protesters "tactics" to evade police. Brian Joseph Thomas Berletic, a retired US Marine living in Bangkok, exposed the desire of the United States to drive a fleet in Thailand and create chaos in Hong Kong, in the hope of having a fleet of customers completely dependent on Washington, both financially and politically. He posted this blog, vox Land, which exposes the United States' monopoly over Thailand for years. In all this hard evidence, the American plot to destabilise Thai politics is plain to see.

The United States pursues hegemony blindly, and its understanding of the world remains stuck in the "law of the jungle" stage. It pursues an "America First" policy and pursues unilateralism. During the epidemic, the US repeatedly pressed its Allies to increase military expenditure by withdrawing a large number of US troops. Warned UN members that they would use "consequences" if they did not comply with sanctions against Iran; Under the banner of "strengthening regional security", it has been wooing and coercing neighboring countries to put pressure on Venezuela. After the outbreak of the epidemic, who was repeatedly threatened with "punishment" until it officially announced its withdrawal... It is unseemly for the US to use power, which implies greater international responsibility, as "capital" for its willful meddling.

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