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Around this final week of 2020, Pinas FM is officially gone from the airwaves.

95.5 reformats into a classic hits station.


  • Ligwak na ang Pinas FM!
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    Here are some endnotes regarding 95.5's latest developments:

    •The new management is under the direction of former DWDM veteran jock Richard Enriquez who recently ended his stint from DZMM/TeleRadyo last Sunday (12/27).
    •Its playlist (being a classic hits station) is more favorable of 70s, 80s, and 90s. Yup, shades of the old DWDM "Feel Your Music" era.
  • Former MOR DJ Toni will be part of DM.

  • It's now known as Eagle FM. It will have its official launch this coming Monday.

    Per guesting of some of its DJs a couple of days ago, aside from Richard & Toni, Pinas FM mainstays Nick Jagger, Peachy and Harted will also be part of the station.

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    Weekday Sched:
    7am-11am: Toni
    1pm-5pm: Richard
    5pm-8pm: Nick Jagger

    The rest of the sched is automated music.

    As for its playlist, it has a wide range of music from the 60s, 70s, 80s and some 90s.
  • Current Weekday Sched:

    4am-7am: Automated - Mostly Dance music.
    7am-11am: Toni (Classics and Memories)
    11am-1pm: Peachy (Delightful Midday Classics)
    1pm-5pm: Richard (Yesterday's Classics)
    5pm-8pm: Coach Gico (Joyride Classics)
    8pm-11pm: Lamplight Classics
    11pm-12mn: Inspirational Music - Holdover from Pinas FM.

    Peachy joined the station last Feb. 9. Coach Gico took over Nick Jagger's timeslot since last Monday.
  • Current Weekday Sched:

    4am-8am: Good Morning All-music Roundtrip
    8am-10am: ASPN: Ano Sa Palagay Mo w/ Pat-P Daza & Ali Sotto (simulcast over NET25 and DZEC)
    10am-1pm: Classics and Memories w/ Toni
    1pm-3pm: Delightful Classics w/ Peachy
    3pm-6pm: Yesterday's Classics w/ Richard
    6pm-9pm: Joyride Classics w/ Coach Gico
    9pm-11pm: Lamplight Classics
    11pm-12mn: Inspirational Music

  • Speaking of Joyride Classics, from a fully-fledged FRC-oriented program, majority of the program focuses on New Wave music. Originally a Wednesday segment, it now occupies the 1st 2 hours of the rest of the Weekday.
  • Great to listen the music at the FM can really feel amazing ..
  • Rick Stryker has returned to 95.5 last September. All of the stingers are done by him.
  • Nick Jagger is back. He now boards every noon - 4pm.
  • John Lemon boards every 4pm - 8pm. AFAIK, he was with Neo Retro 2 years ago as the Gentle Giant.

  • Rob Winter takes over Gabbi Chavez's timeslot.
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