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GV Radio (Provincial)

Have you listen to GV Radio stations? Well, it is composed of several stations (two in Central Luzon, and one in Calabarzon):
  • GV 99.1 Pampanga
  • GVAM 792 Pampanga
  • GV 99.9 Batangas


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    Although they are owned by the Galang patriarch (which, according to some people, operated by GV Radios Network Corporation under the aegis of Manny Galang), the NTC database shows that Mediascape (the former GV Broadcasting; and currently known as Cignal TV under the PLDT/Mediaquest group of Manny V. Pangilinan) owns the said stations because Mediascape has a Congressional broadcast franchise to operate terrestrial radio and TV stations and direct broadcast satellite service (Cignal has 3 million subscribers as of November 2020).
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