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Nakakatanggap Pa Ba Kayo Ng Christmas Card?

Juan Plus One
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It's 2020 going to 2021.

Last akong nakatanggap ng Christmas card na may nakalakip na gift card ay 2015.

It's been a decade since I mailed a Christmas card.

Iba pa rin yung dating pag nakakatanggap ka ng greeting cards either Christmas, birthday, etc compared to electronic.

May personal touch kumbaga. You can feel the card, see the handwriting, the message, the return address, etc.

Kayo? When was the last you mailed, or received a greeting card?


  • Yeah this year. My coworkers (since we alternate weekdays) left small presents and a card. My previous company (different industry) also the same (at least one person does this for everyone in the office, the same way I always buy small bouquets of flowers for my colleagues who are mothers on Mother's Day, only done it once for this company/industry because we don't really get as close and very few are women lol).
    Last year I sent my brothers cards with gift cert. Years prior they sent pictures with cousins wearing ugly sweaters. Year prior to that my bro sent picture-card with his family on Disneyland.
    My previous company 2+ years ago send cards for Thanksgiving, birthdays and Holidays. Usually with a small gift cert.
    With this company (not coworkers doing it on their own) I have not.

    Handwritten anything these days are special. It means they took time to write it and think about message. My dad use to hand make the whole card (he was a calligraphy hobbyist), I've seen his love letters to my mom and they look professionally made. My handwriting is decent, but I write in cursive almost exclusively and problem is when I write, my lines are crooked (they dip to the right lol) so often what I do is I get a unique looking card that's big and very minimal messaging inside and I just use stencils or I put straight lines in pencil and I write over it so my lines aren't crooked.

    I still write love letters to women it's the easiest way to get their peckpeck wet---nah just kidding, that is true, but I am sometimes a hopeless romantic (...just sometimes lmao).
  • Juan Plus One
    Juan Plus One Pexer of the Year!
    This Dec 23,  I received a Thank You card from my Boss for doing extra shifts during this pandemic. :lol:
    Yes, they are indeed special as she took the time to write her personal message, mail it and all.

    I was good in love letter writing back in the day. Lol.  Not doing it for free tho, so my classmates or friends have to bribe me with cigarettes or some shite.  They have to bribe me more than cigs if I have to write them myself on the stationery paper.  I have a good to very good handwriting. 

    Not sure if the Tik Tok generation knows about this paper.

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  • Burt_Macklin
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    Old people still do.
    I know because sometimes I go to Hobby Lobby and USPS a lot (some of the special orders on eBay I send via USPS so I'm there at least once a week), I noticed old folks buy lots of stamps because they send out cards/letters a lot. 99% of the demographics buying stamps, it's older white or black ladies.
    In Hobby Lobby or Michael's, they buy bulk cards lol
    Only 'younger' people doing this these days are usually older millenials who learned from their parents. I don't know any 'tiktok' generations doing it. Many of them are "Christian"-y types. Good example is friend's wife, she sends thank you cards etc.
    Only card tiktok geners appreciate are gift cert or iTunes cards (cuz they buy sh!t with it on Minecraft and other mobile games lol). That's why I generally just buy kids gift certificates.

    I think nowadays if you're the ninong/ninang here in America, you just CashApp or VenMo your inaanak  :D
  • Sa FB messenger, Whatsapp at Viber na lang.
  • I didn't get a lot this year. But my packages and parcels have tripled. Got a lot of gifts from family and friends.

    I do miss getting greeting cards though. But hey, you can't eat greeting cards like cookies and cakes, right?
  • Nakatanggap ako, I received it in early Feb, from the USA. It's a modern card in the sense that the picture of the family is printed with the greeting, not the Christmas card we used to know, where the the Christmas tree glistened, or the children listened to the sleigh bells on the snow.
  • Almost never na, but I do get birthday cards from my oldest aunt. You know the old-fashioned greeting card tapos merong mahabang letter, na sobrang sinulit ang white space on the card, in that typical cursive writing that you rarely see nowadays ❤️ I get it like a week after my bday (kasi snail mail e haha) and I feel like my bday is never done until that card comes. Tuturuan ko na si Nanay (that's what we all call her) magpa-LBC 😝
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