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Makukulong po ba ako dahil sa unpaid converge bill?

Hi Guys. Bale dati po nagwowork ako sa Maynila mag-isa and then nadepress po ako so biglaan na umuwi ako sa probinsya for guidance as suggested by my psychiatrist. Ngayon po lahat ng meron ako sa Manila naiwanan ko including my converge internet. past one year na po since nung umalis ako and ngayong gabi nakareceive po ako ng message saying na naforward daw po account ko sa consultants and magready po ako for legal action.. Makukulong po kaya ako or magkakarecord? 


  • Hi! I hope this helps. Dito po sa Pilipinas nakasaad po sa Bill of Rights section 20 na "No person shall be imprisoned for debt or non-payment of a poll tax" Not paying your bill is technically creating debt. In Philippine law no one can be imprisoned for debt.

    In my experience we haven't paid our broadband bill from one of the telcos. The telco might have just written it off. (That's why we're so hesitant to go postpaid because of horrible billing telcos do.)

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