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Seeking for help on applying abroad - CPA with 4 years experience in Big 4 audit firm here in PH

mqsheepmqsheep PExer
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Hello, ask lang po sana ng career advice/info para sa mga kababayan natin na nagwowork na abroad under Big 4 firms din.

As background, 4 years na po ako sa isang big 4 audit firm here in PH, after this busy season (hopefully masurvive ulit haha), I'm vying for promotion to Associate Director under Assurance (client-serving).

So, me and my friends (who have the same no of years of exp), were trying to apply for big 4 audit firms since last year, to no avail. Lahat na tinry namin applyan and I guess, our problem was wala kaming connections for the referrals. Yet we tried again this year, and COVID-19 happened so, ang hirap talaga magapply ngayon abroad.

Would just like to ask if may alam kayong mga openings sa firms where you're currently working or if may knowledge kayo na firms which are willing to provide work sponsorship, hopefully sa US/UK and anywhere in Europe (personally, I prefer Germany/Luxembourg/Netherlands), given the pandemic conditions? Anywhere in Canada, AU and NZ is fine din. Crossing our fingers for hopeful referrals as well, if that will help our applications.

Would appreciate any help.


  • bm_cpa_2010bm_cpa_2010 PEx Rookie ⭐
    I work in KPMG UK and been working in UK for more than 6 years na. Currently freeze hiring due to pandemic. Not the best time to move right now since madami ding na-retrenched as a direct result of covid-19. Market is currently saturated and a number of clients of audit firms were lost or were further delayed. A number of offers were terminated (one friend of mine got his job offer revoked. Two of my assistant managers were terminated in office. UK is still in full lockdown and was badly hit by pandemic. Generally, not the best country to find some jobs right now. I know US is in similar phase where a number of people were terminated in West Coast (ie. Bay area). US is still in full lockdown and I know they have temporarily halted some visa applications. So ayun, I think let’s wait until pandemic ends and maybe recruitment will start to shoot up. 
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