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Dragon 4 release date, plot, all we know so far!

Dragon Age 4 is real now and under development by BioWare, that much we know. So when will Dragon Age 4 be released? What will happen to the rest of the story? Which of our favorite characters will make a comeback?

Dragon Age 4 Release Date

We do not yet know the release date of Dragon Age 4, as there is no official announcement from BioWare. However, it is a fact that BioWare continues the production of the game. In the summer of 2018, Casey Hudson from the firm gave clear signals of this.

The development process for Dragon Age: Inquisition started in early 2011 and was released in November 2014. If BioWare has also planned a three-year development schedule, we can say that Dragon Age 4 will be released in the fall of 2019. However, as Anthem will be released this year, the date may take a little longer.

Dragon Age 4 Story

There are no details revealed about the story of Dragon Age 4, but we do know that Alexis Kennedy, the founder of Failbetter Games, was included in the script. In 2017, he announced that he would be working with BioWare on the story and lore.

Apart from that, what we can say about the script of Dragon Age 4 will be entirely based on guesswork. On top of the success of the Inquisition, the new game could be a direct sequel.

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