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PINOYS who hate both Duterte......and Trump

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I'm just curious. Seems to be contradicting.

Duterte, as his haters say, is PRO CHINA and probably might sell our country's soul to China...etc..etc..yada yada...

Isn't Joe Biden (Trump's rival for those who don't know) the same? if you follow US Politics and the Democrats (and the NBA as well LOL), they seem to be very PRO CHINA and anti-nationalism. Trump is nationalistic 

So if you hate pro-China politicians, then you should not Hate Trump. 

If you hate Trump, then you should like Duterte.

Then why are there Pinoys who hate them both? what gives? it kind of contradicting. I am not against it, you have your views and opinions, maybe you can give us an answer. 

Is it because they have been brainwashed by the mainstream media of BOTH the US and PH? Is it because there is a secret allegiance between the LP Party (Dilawan) of the PH and the Democrats of the US? who want to turn both countries into Socialist countries? is there a deeper agenda?

Is it because they wished Obama and Pan0t ruled longer and had become BFFs? LOL



  • Burt_MacklinBurt_Macklin PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    There's a lot of difference between Trump and Duterte. LMFAO.

    Trump is pro-capitalism, small govt., less utang kinda guy. Trump will wait to see if market will workout for the country. He reserves the power of the govt. usually as last resort, not the first resort. His goal is takeaway govt. regulation, and let the market do the work.

    In the COVID scenario for example:
    -he waited for US companies to volunteer to make emergency goods before he invoked the law, when they didn't he did ie Defense Production Act

    -although he's mouthy about certain regulations in the US, he let the state govt. do the work in regards to COVID and only provided support ie giving ventilators, but he cannot and did not create a nationwide federal policy towards social isolation. He let the individual states decide. Some states were harsh, some states did not close down. Which I think was the best approach, because some states and cities like NYC, needed to close the fvck down, but big rural states did not need to.

    Duterte is a lot like a Democrat: utang (LOTS of social projects that bankrupts the state), big government, sympathetic to commies and socialists (Duterte himself said when he was young and today he leans towards socialists---although he had bouts with communists lately because peace talks broke down, historically he's dealt with them nicely and he had even sent food to them).

    He wields the law first, and asks questions later. In his principle, he wants put control with the state apparatus. It's classic "Filipino parent mentality" ie establish control. The mentality that by bending people to your whim, you can actually force them to change (when in reality, this only works for a very short period of time).

    Only thing they have in common is they both are strong on law enforcement, aside from that, Trump is a true "classical liberal" ie leans more libertarian, while Duterte is more "social liberal + socialist".

    TO BE FAIR to both, I think they are working with two different cultures. Thus their mentality. Two different countries, different cultures, different scenario (ie resources), so maybe the approach is different because of that, but in terms of actual philosophies, they're both entirely different in philosophy.

    And to be fair to Duterte, I think about this whenever I criticize Filipinos not just him---and sometimes truly I am unfair because some of these just won't work in the PH----, is the situation wherein approaches here in the US cannot be the same for PH. And there are many things that I have to give Duterte credit for even though a lot of his policies I definitely do not agree with.

    I hate all Filipino politicians, even before Duterte stepped in office. I think years before Duterte was even president I was talking making fun of Erap, Arroyo (who I actually like policy wise), and Pnoy. I don't trust any of them, that's how we were raised: "Filipinos are naturally corrupt" is what my dad told me. You can find all the my comments here on pex on record. LMFAO.

    The funniest thing is Dutertards , whenever you criticize anything this administration do, they automatically assume you're "pro-yellow" whatever the fck that means. I think it's because it's easier for them to argue when they assume you like "dIlAwAn". LMFAO.

    Anyway #MAGA and #Trump2020. #KeepThatSameEnergyYouHadWithBarack #BecauseThisTrumpTrainDontStop
  • art727art727 PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Si Digong ang kanyang idolo ay si. Macoy dahil yun ang kaalyado ng kanyang mga magulang at lolo. 
       Kaya gusto. niya ng build build build gaya ni Macoy at imelda, para makita mga na ipagawa niya na sa totoo ay panay utang.. Gaya ng ginawa ng china sa ibang Asian nation na ng di makabayad sila nag takeover ng mga proyekto. DEBT TRAP sabi nga ng US. AT EU.. Malamang magaya sa ganon ang Pinas. At saka maka komunista si Duterte kumpara sa ibang naging presidente. Opinyon lang po sa nakikita ko. 
  • art727art727 PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Kay trump bukod sa nationalistic, gusto niya na ang amerika ay sa mga amerikano lamang kaya hinigpitan niya ang pagpa papasok ng mga immigrant. at iba pang lahi lalo na ang mga muslim.. 
  • pong_padourpong_padour PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
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    Ah yes, the National Endowment for Democracy (the softer branch of CIA). Remember HK riot? NEDA. And Google, you know of course it's also partly created/funded by the CIA. And Soros with his Open Society that funds several groups like Liberal Party and gave several millions to Gay Groups and officials/judges to legalize same sex marriage from Washington, California etc...


    Kaya pala ang FB is censoring pages while keeping NPA pages recruiting kids. The leftists are on overdrive on pushing their agenda.

    * CLARE AMADOR, FB Philippines head of policy, worked for Leni Robredo as consultant and was chief of staff for Butch Abad.

    Connect the dots.

    Ont: I'd choose the lesser evil which is Trump over a puppet Hillary Clinton even though I might not agree on some of his policies.
    Duterte was the right choice from the start. If Miriam won back then, fake VP Leni Lugaw would've have been automatically our president after MDS' death; and given with her (Lugaw) IQ and her lack of experience and capability of handling things, we would've already been  in deep fecal matter.
  • ^^
    I've heard stories that her husband didn't really had an accident, he was purposely killed because he was starting to smell something fishy and know where it's coming from. 


    The fact that Duterte hates George Soros, and BANNED him from coming to the PH, tells me he is the right leader for the country, despite his flaws. 

  • BigDickSteveBigDickSteve PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    gusto ko yung magiging next president ay hindi mahilig magmura, sen.angara ang bet ko next president.

    few years ago, i was like kailangan ng pilipinas ang matatalinong leaders sa bansa but this 2020 lang if papipiliin ako, di na bale hindi matalino or even HS grad lang basta maganda ang ugali kesa super talinong leader na pangit ugali. Disappointed ako sa ibang congressmen din. If hindi tatakbo si sen.angara, mas bet ko na lang si manny pacquiao manalo to be the next president to be honest. Hindi matalinong leader pero maganda ang ugali or matalinong leader na pangit ang ugali, pumili kayo?
  • BigDickSteveBigDickSteve PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    edited September 2020
    Ayaw ni duterte at ng ibang congressmen sa oligarch pero gusto nila ang political dynasty na yung mga family members din nila mamumuno wtf man. Buti na lang si Bill Gates at si Mark Zukerberg ay nakatira sa U.S, kung filipino lang sila baka pinasara na din ng mga filipino congressmen business/company nila. Meron man silang billions or even trillions, pinaghirapan nila yan.
  • MountainBikerMountainBiker PEx Rookie ⭐
    Hindi kasi sineseryoso ni Digong ang pamamalakad ng gobyerno. Papalit-palit siya ng salita, daig pa ang babae. Tapos, may pandemya pero ang namamalakad e mga heneral?! Lmao. Magulo siya.
  • MountainBikerMountainBiker PEx Rookie ⭐
    Saka halatang sandamakmak na kurapsyon ang nangyayari ngaun. Hindi na kelangan pa ng desisyon ng Korte Suprema. 

    1. PhilHealth
    2. SAP
    3. Dolomite sa Roxas Blvd
    4. naubos na raw pera ng gobyerno eh nagkaroon pa lang tayo ng BBB+ credit rating upgrade last year. Lol. Kalokohan!
    5. Yung pangingialam nya sa Commission on Audit
  • BigDickSteveBigDickSteve PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    edited September 2020
    Hindi kasi sineseryoso ni Digong ang pamamalakad ng gobyerno. Papalit-palit siya ng salita, daig pa ang babae. Tapos, may pandemya pero ang namamalakad e mga heneral?! Lmao. Magulo siya.

    oo nga eh, halos lahat ng mga nakaupo ngayon sa gobyerno ay heneral pati DSWD secretary ay heneral din ng army, ang kulang na lang ay gawing DOH secretary ang isang retired general.
  • MountainBikerMountainBiker PEx Rookie ⭐
    ^^Ewan ko ba kung bakit andami pa ring may gusto sa kanya. Halata namang niloloko lang tayong lahat. Tingin ko, hindi matutuloy ang eleksyon sa 2022... at baka nga gawin tayong parang North Korea. Wag naman sana. Pumaplano na akong mangibambansa kung sakaling siya pa rin ang Presidente natin sa June 30, 2022. Tama na ang panggagago niya.
  • BigDickSteveBigDickSteve PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    ^^Ewan ko ba kung bakit andami pa ring may gusto sa kanya. Halata namang niloloko lang tayong lahat. Tingin ko, hindi matutuloy ang eleksyon sa 2022... at baka nga gawin tayong parang North Korea. Wag naman sana. Pumaplano na akong mangibambansa kung sakaling siya pa rin ang Presidente natin sa June 30, 2022. Tama na ang panggagago niya.

    walang isang salita eh. Pag magbitaw sya ng salita, ang sasabihin ni harry roque at ni panelo nagbibiro lang ang presidente at hindi na daw tayo masanay, sa puro biro ng presidente, hindi ko na alam kung kelan ko paniniwalaan. if ever sabihin nya tataasan ang salary ng health workers, hindi ko na alam if biro lang din yun or seryoso.
  • pong_padourpong_padour PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
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    Nagputok din ba butchi nyo nung hindi tinupad ni Noynoy ang pagpapasagasa sa tren? Tindi nyo naman. Again, ignore his words and just focus on his actions. Lahat na lang negative nakikita nyo eh ang dami ng pagbabago naganap sa Pinas na marami nakinabang di lang binabalita ng mainstream media natin. Kaya eto ako para ihatid ko sa inyo mga informasyon na di nyo alam dahil mabagal ang net dyan LOL


    Passport 10 years validity
    Free college education
    Bulacan MRT extension
    Boracay rehabilition
    Manila Bay rehabilitation
    Sanctioning of abusive utilities.
    The campaign against illegal drugs
    Breakup of some oligarchies
    Clark Atlethics Stadium
    MRT Line 7
    Metro Manila Skyway
    Manila Subway
    Universal Healthcare
    Sorsogon Coastal Expressway
    Cutting Red Tape
    Tackling corruption
    Bayanihan Act
    105 Day Expanded Maternity Leave Act
    Salary Adjustment for Civilian Personnel

    By the end of 2019, the Department of Public Works and Highways has reported the completion of 9,845 kilometers of roads, 2,709 bridges, 4,536 flood control projects, 82 evacuation centers and 71,803 classrooms. As of November of 2019, it has been reported that there are 35 constructions ongoing, 32 projects to commence construction within six to eight months, 21 in the advanced stages of government approval and 12 in the advanced stages of feasibility studies. In addition, 38 projects are projected to be completed by 2022, 22 will be partially operational or at substantial completion, and 40 are to be completed beyond 2022

    Yung repatriation pa mga lang ng mga OFW at quarantine facilites/transport ay sobrang laking tulong nga at di basta basta. Eto isa sa tropa ko from Dubai, sa Marriott sya quinarantine for a few days. Ang iba sa Sofitel, Ascott, Sheraton etc....

    Kung si Mar Roxas pa presidente natin, sabihin lang nya bahala kayo sa buhay nyo. LOL


    Although agree ako sa inyo na may ibang bad apples na corrupt at nakaupo pero wag kayong magalala dahil nililinis na po ng administration na to ang hanay nila. Sa Philhealth at ibang sangay nga lang nililinis na. Napapanood nyo naman siguro ang mga senate hearing.
    Ayoko din ng nepotism dahil pro-meritocracy ako at tutol din ako na panay General na lang nilalagay sa matataas na pwesto (yan lang siguro ang isa sa pet peeves ko), we should give credit where credit is due. We can see as bright as day a lot of major improvements under Duterte's helm.
    Masundan pa sana ng mga mahuhusay, kumikilos at tapat na presidente ang mamuno sa tin. Si Isko Moreno nakikita ko dedication nya sa trabaho nya.
    Give it time and do your part as a law abiding citizen.
    If I may suggest, I wish we could have these in our country. 

    1. Sovereign Wealth Fund like in Norway
    2. Government owned investment firm like Temasek Holdings here in Singapore.
    3. Several Special Economic Zones for each regions for manufacturing like in Shenzen China.
    4. Central Provident Fund for retirement
    5. Housing Development Board 
    6. Heavy Rail Transit similar to Japan and China (bullet train) with station intervals at any city/province with above 500k population.
    7. Utra high speed internet service providers at 100Mbps
    8. Education system that's more focused on tech, finance, manufacturing rather than hospitality courses. Ideal system in my opinion is Japanese style of education for kids.

    Yang 8 lang na yan, malaki na matutulong sa bansa natin dahil money making yan at kelangan natin. Marami pa magiging surplus/reserves natin at di na natin kelangan mangutang. At baka bumaba din ang interest rates ng mga banks natin.
  • MountainBikerMountainBiker PEx Rookie ⭐
    Marami naman talagang nagawa si Duterte... but the problem is, lahat ng iyon ay na-reverse lang ng paghandle nya ng pandemic... na tila mas gugustuhin ko pang iba na lang ang Presidente natin ngayon. Kahit gaano pa karami ang naipatayo na gusali kung marami namang namamatay dahil sa maling paghandle ng pandemic ay bale wala lang ang mga ito.

    Bukod pa rito ang sandamakmak na kurapsyon na nangyayari ngayon sa bansa... na tipong kahit na mediocre si P-noy eh nagmistulang magaling na presidente pa tuloy ito dahil sa mga kapalpakang ginagawa ni Duterte.
  • pong_padourpong_padour PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    edited September 2020
    23,780,000 population of Taiwan
    510 cases
    N/A recovery
    0 deaths

    5,850,000 population of Singapore
    57,665 cases 
    57,341 recovered
    27 deaths

    331,000,000 population of USA  
    7,195,008 cases
    4,440,429 recovered
    207,769 deaths

    109,581,078 population of Philippines
    299,361 cases
    232,399 recovered
    5,196 deaths

    46,754,778 population of Spain
    704,209 cases
    N/A recovered
    31,118 deaths

    67,881,001 population of UK
    416,363 cases
    N/A recovered
    41,902 deaths

    273,523,615 population of Indonesia
    266,845 cases
    196,196 recovered
    10,218 deaths

    17,134,872 population of Netherlands
    105,918 cases
    N/A recovered
    6,328 deaths

    Even the most progressive countries are facing the same dillema and handling it worse. I'm not saying it as an excuse but I'm saying that this crisis is a tough fight wherein you are battling with an invisible tiny enemy.
    Factor din sa tin yung mga slum areas or baranggay na masyadong dikit dikit plus those hundreds of thousands of repatriated OFW that were retrenched. Even the lockdowns, work from home, skeletal work force won't stop it, it would just delay it to not overburden and overwhelm our hospitals.
    Just compare the data I've presented. The popialtion, cases, recoveries & deaths.
    I also thibk that every nation should've immediately banned flights from China as soon as the COVID news erupted. Taiwan alone did it because they are well prepared from their expereince with SARS. Also some of the citizens there always wear masks pre COVID. Eh sa tin, ang karamihan pa di makaafford ng mask. What we could've done was ask everyone for a mandatory wearing of face mask and give those living in the slums who obviously can't afford it.
    Agree din ako sa yo na wrong timing yung proposal ni Bong Go na Balik Probinsya program.
    Pero expected ko na din na tataas ang cases sa Pinsas dahil sa MM pa lang overpopulated na tayo at dun nagsisiksikan. Dagdag mo pa yung ilang daang libong umuwing OFW na kadalasan sa NAIA ang airport of arrival. But all in all, from the data I've posted, marami man ang cases, mataas naman ang recovery rate natin kahit pa marami ang population natin.

  • MountainBikerMountainBiker PEx Rookie ⭐
    "I also thibk that every nation should've immediately banned flights from China "

    >>> which Duterte didn't kasi puppet siya ng China. China talaga ang amo niya, hindi tayo. 

    Andami mong excuses for your amo na magaling. The fact remains, mas marami na ang kaso natin compared sa China at tayo na ang may pinakamarami sa SEA. Daig pa natin ang Indonesia. Andaming missteps. Dapat kasi pinalawig ang testing. Iba ang inatupag. Yung PhilHealth pa. Ang inappoint pa sa PhilHealth yung aminado namang walang alam. Tapos yung Balik Probinsya Program pa. Bakit hindi vineto? Kasi ang author ay si Bong Go na amo nya dahil Intsik.

    Daming kabalbalan. Aminin na natin, mahina si Digong sa mga ganitong bagay. Kinokontrol niya kasi lahat imbes na pinaubaya na lang niya sa mga HEALTH EXPERTS. *****!
  • MountainBikerMountainBiker PEx Rookie ⭐
    Nakalimutan pang pasalamatan ang mga doktor at nurses! Galit na galit yung ate ko na doctor. Alam mo bang sobrang tagal ibigay sa kanila ang mga PPE? Minsan pa nga, hindi binibigay kasi kinukurakot? Alam mo ba yun? At alam mo ba kung anong opisina ang pinakamabilis tumulong sa kanila, sa pamimigay ng mga PPE at iba pang kagamitan? Walang iba kundi OFFICE OF THE VICE PRESIDENT!

    Eh kasi naman kelangan pang i-consolidate sa Office of the Civil Defense at paplasteran ng "from Senator Bong Go." Hay naku. Magsama-sama kayo. 
  • pong_padourpong_padour PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    edited September 2020

    Bukod pa rito ang sandamakmak na kurapsyon na nangyayari ngayon sa bansa... na tipong kahit na mediocre si P-noy eh nagmistulang magaling na presidente pa tuloy ito dahil sa mga kapalpakang ginagawa ni Duterte.
    Sigurado ka ba sa mga sinasabi mo atty or are you biased with a preconceived notion of the current president? LOL

    Ingat ka sa mga sinasamahan mo dyan sa Bicol, maraming NPA dyan na magaling mang brainwash. Maya maya nyan, mamundok ka na lang at sumanib sa kanila.

    I present to you Exhibits A, B, C...

    Aquino legacy:

    Add the passport printing contract case, Dengvaxia, Yolanda relief goods na nabulok, No plate number available etc...

    To be fair to Aquino, meron naman syang
    napatayo na Daang Hari SLEX Link Road.

    Duterte legacy:

    As of November 2019, since Duterte assumed position in June 2016, a total of 9,845 kilometres (6,117 mi) of roads, 2,709 bridges, 4,536 flood control projects, 82 evacuation centers, and 71,803 classrooms under the “Build! Build! Build!” program were completed.


  • Good thread. 

    Ganito kasi yan. Sa mundo ng mga Marxists, the farther left the better. Our country is cursed to have been run by leftists for far too long. We are conservative pag dating sa mga moral issues like abortion, divorce, and same-sex marriage, which is a good thing, but we are too liberal pag dating sa government and the economy. Hence the Lina Law. Hence the universal healthcare which is supported by both Dilawans and Dutertards. Hence the high budgetary allocations on public education (which yielded nothing but poor quality of ed if you think about it), housing, DSWD, BFAR, BFAD, at kung anu-ano pang government agencies na wala naman talagang output kung pag-aaralang mabuti. 

    Duterte is a self-confessed socialist. Pero between him and LP, mas in line ang LP sa global left, kaya ganun na lang kung tirahin si Digong ng mga bureaucrats from the West, especially ng EU. He is not left enough. For one, he proposes federalism, which is a no-no in the leftist playbook, because it could mean small government. Alam naman natin na ang mga leftists/Marxists na ito, they are itching to bring the world together under a single global govmint. 

    Haays, kung meron lang sana tayong avowed conservative - na conservative both sa moral issues pati na rin sa role ng government at ng free market.

    But too late for that. The US, which is the last stronghold of freedom and reason, ay naghihingalo na. 
    Soon, the world will be divided into 10 regions like what the Bible said, and eventually the whole world will come under the control of the Antichrist. 

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