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Where to book safe quarantine stays in Manila?

Hi fellow forumers,

I am Luisa, an OFW from Dubai and this is my first time posting here. I've been working in Dubai for almost 5 years now but due to the pandemic my job is in jeopardy. My plan now is to go back to the Philippines because I feel much safer at home.

However, I need to isolate myself for at least a week in a quarantine hotel in Manila to ensure that I am COVID free to also keep my family safe. The government actually offers accommodation for repatriated OFWs but I believe it takes time before you get considered for the program that is why I want to pay for my own expenses.I

 did a lot of research and found ZEN Rooms hotels: https://www.facebook.com/zenrooms/posts/3421238394589757.  They offer accommodations at an affordable price (within my budget per day) and also offer free meals + they are near my house. Now my question is does anyone from this forum have an experience staying with them specially for quarantine stays? 


  • bracknelsonbracknelson PEx Rookie ⭐
    The accommodation govt. provides may not fulfill your requirements during the quarantine period. So I would suggest looking for your fulfillment first then choose the suitable option.
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