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Back playing Runescape, I don't know what I need to do first

Welcome back! Start using quests. A lot of quests give great exp rewards which will help you get decent base stats. Additionally you will be given content access to RS gold monsters thing and slayer masters by quests. With slayer, continue after quests. When I came back I just started out doing quests in the order which they had been released by looking on the old school wiki. I highly suggest watching Slayermusiq1's manuals on YouTube, if you do not care about the story line, he will help get them through quickly by telling you which dialogue options to choose.

No problem! Would recommend you start with Waterfall pursuit, it is super simple and will provide you a few strength and attack exp. There's a couple rather easy quests I would recommend completing. Nature spirit, lost city, dwarf cannon, priest at peril, fairytale grand tree, part 1 and shrub gnome village. Also complete all of the f2p quests as they're very easy and fast, they will provide you with some fast exp and quest points. After those quests I would suggest aiming for fighter madness (such as the dragon scimitar) and get as far as possible through the recipe for disaster quest, ultimately for barrows gloves.

Really though, you can not go wrong no matter what quest you do, you'll need to do them all someday as they're all a requirement for something. Do the quests that provide farming experience to you and start doing herb conducts to passively make some money. Warriors guild would be a good early goal (130 mixed attack and strength level). Doing Recipe for Disaster pursuit for access to Barrows Gloves is a necessity for every normal account, and working towards it will help you train all your skills.

I would just continue with slayer, broken up by as many quests as you can stand to do lol. Otherwise, I would recommend going for 50 in most skills and knocking out the easy and/or moderate achievement diaries. Trust me it's far better to get those completed early to start reaping the benefits as soon as possible. Also huge note, don't purchase bonds with gp anytime soon. It'll keep you bankrupt for a fantastic long while. You start amassing when you start bossing you won't need to use welfare gear. That is most new players largest error, and that means you find some lvl 100s using 50m+ bank and a few that can not manage a bond.

As someone considering attempting RS3 from OSRS you start and get accustomed to everything? Thank you for the answers guys. I believe I'll begin a new RS3 account to find out cheap OSRS gold everything's while I AFK train on OSRS, that changed. Who knows, maybe I will get to it. I'm curious as well. Mainly a mobile OSRS player but logged in my old RS3 account and felt overwhelmed from the menus and RuneScape itself which I had been wondering when I came back what's a fantastic way to learn RuneScape?


  • OSRS or RS3?! my 15yr Vet account got banned due to #macroing daw WAY BACK so started a new account. not 1 but 4. JUST TO CHALLENGE MYSELF more.


    RS3 for me is more user friendly! OSRS HAS THIS HIGH STEEP learning curve. just do what ever you are doing previously. kung gusto mo naman mag money making mdeng guide sa YT. kung slayer. senxa na repa di kita matutulungan jan MINER/SMITHER ako with my 4 accounts. so yeah. 

    welcome back btw!
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