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Rodrigo Duterte: 'I'm not joking - clean masks with petrol'

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Rodrigo Duterte: 'I am not joking - clean masks with petrol'

BBCJuly 30, 2020
Mr Duterte gave a state of the nation address earlier this week before his latest comments
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Mr Duterte giving a state of the nation address earlier this week, before his latest comments

Philippines' president Rodrigo Duterte has once again told people to disinfect their face masks with petrol - insisting he was "not joking".

He had made similar remarks last week - but officials were quick to correct him, and suggested it was a joke.

Health officials also said cloths masks should be washed normally, and surgical masks replaced after use.

But on Friday, the president doubled down - saying "what I've said was true... go to a gasoline station".

There is no evidence that gasoline can disinfect masks; having prolonged contact with it can be harmful; and pouring flammable liquids can be a fire risk.

What did Mr Duterte say?

Referring to his earlier comments, Mr Duterte said: "They [critics] said, 'Duterte's insane.' Stupid! If I'm insane, you should be the president, not me.

"What I've said was true. If alcohol isn't available, especially for the poor, just go to a gasoline station, and use [gas] to disinfect.

"I am not joking. I am not joking. You… you try to get inside my brain."

What did he say last week?

Mr Duterte said those who didn't have cleaning supplies could use gasoline as a disinfectant to clean their masks.

"At the end of the day, hang [the mask] somewhere and spray it with Lysol if you can afford it," he said, referencing a popular disinfectant brand.

"For people who don't [have Lysol], drench it in gasoline or diesel... just find some gasolinehttps://news.yahoo.com/rodrigo-duterte-im-not-joking-060329812.html [and] dip your hand [with the mask] in it."

After last week's comments, presidential spokesman Harry Roque quickly corrected him.

"I can't believe that after four years of him as president, you still don't know [him]," said Mr Roque, according to news site Rappler.

"[It's only a] joke. Why would we use gasoline for washing?"

Meanwhile, health official Maria Rosario Vergeire said cloth masks should be washed and dried normally, and surgical masks replaced after use.



'I am not joking, I am also not a doctor and I am also not a scientist!'


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    Rodrigo Duterte: 'I'm not joking - clean masks with petrol'

    I am not joking - drink Kool-Aid with cyanide to protect yourself from getting killed by coronaveerus!

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    Image may contain 2 people text that says PHILI PINE STAR Kayo naman apat na taon na Presidente Parang di niyo naman kilala si Presidente joke only Bakit naman tayo maghuhugas ng gasolina no Totoo yang sinabi Pag walang alcohol available pumunta ka lang diyan gasoline station Magpatulo ka Thats disinfectant Para sa inyo na hindi nakakaintindi sa totoo lang Hindi ako nagbibiro totohanan yun Akala niyo nagbibiro lang ako HARRY ROQUE Presidential Spokesperson July 2020 RODRIGO DUTERTE President July 2020
    Image may contain text that says INO TNTuES Inquirer inquirerdotnet President Duterte says his recent advice to use gasoline as a disinfectant is not a joke Totoo yang sinabi ko Alcohol pag walang alcohol na available magpunta ka lang diyan sa gasoline station pagkatapos mag ano magpatulo ka Thats disinfectant DJEsguerraINQ Translate Tweet INQUIRERNET JUST IN
    .                                                                                                                                                                 .
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    Tapos pag nagyosi ka.........kaboooom!!! 
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  • crazy legscrazy legs PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Breathing in petrol fumes (not vehicle exhaust) may cause dizziness, drowsiness headaches. Breathing in large amounts can result in coma, loss of muscle control, heart and lung problems. Petrol can cause the skin to become irritated, dry and cracked; if the skin is exposed for a long time then burns may develop.
    Breathing in petrol is not good.
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