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I want to share a story of a friend who has this dilemma. 

She was offered by one company with the compensation package of times two of what she is getting from her current work. However she loves the current work she has right now. This is the the third time that this company has tried to get her however the two times it was offered to her, she politely declined because she felt at that time she needs to do something else and get more experience in her work.

The thing is her husband (also a good friend of mine - a basketball buddy) is getting jealous of some of my friends co workers particularly the male ones , subordinate ones, as he felt they were too close with each other but my friend assures no malice between her and her officemates as she knows her role and bounderies.

Recently they had a fight because of this  and by chance - this company sent the third offer to her and she is now contemplating of resigning from her current work of 9 years already to avoid any fights with her husband however she really likes the work environment she is in right now and fears that she might not be successful with the new company and of course she needs to establish new relationship with others.

I asked her to list down the pros and cons and by far according to her there are a lot of pros for the new company but her heart is still with the current work

Since she and her husband are my good friends, i actually cannot advise her correctly as i might hurt one if i gave her an advise.

What should she do? 

(but if i were to tell her i would tell her to leave for the new company) 


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    edited July 23
    What's stopping her husband to get jealous on his wife's new male subordinates, if she were to accept the offer?

    It's lame to accept the new offer because of something outside the merits of the new job.

    IMHO, Husband needs to fix his issues with himself and trust his wife more.

  • color_s_Kaboinkcolor_s_Kaboink PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    my lady friend is somehow "maka-masa" or easy to approach type of leader 
    she is to accept the new job to just stop his husband of thinking other stuff against his subordinates kasi she thinks it's unfair to them (her subordinates) kasi wala naman talaga.

    though the new job is x 2.5  din ang raise heheh 
  • DacsDacs PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Unfair talaga sa subordinates kasi may diperensya ang asawa.

    They ought to talk more.
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