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Getting into UST med with a UST music program

I've read that UST med reserves 70-75% of freshmen slots for UST graduates, 25-30% from other schools and 5-7% of that would be foreign students. I am thinking of taking what's available to me in UST which is a program in music. However, I could also take a pre-med from FEU.
My question would be which student would most likely have a better chance at UST med given that the qualifications of the student are:
A. Graduate from the UST Conservatory of Music with additional science courses taken and exemplary NMAT score.
B. Graduate from another university (FEU) in a pre-med program with latin honors and exemplary NMAT score.
From this subreddit, I've seen two people mention that they know someone who is a music grad in UST med. However, there is not enough info about other factors that could have affected that.
I came across another post wherein it was mentioned that the population of non UST grads in med is very small and majority of them come from unis such as Ateneo and La Salle, not to mention that they all have latin honors. Even so, others who have exceptional GWAs and high NMAT scores from other schools still get rejected.
This leaves me thinking what path in actuality would pave a higher chance into getting UST med and what scenario would be more entertained towards acceptance.
Any help on this would be greatly appreciated, thank you. :) 


  • I found a guideline from the UST FMS Admissions website, "Anyone wishing to enter Medicine must have a strong foundation in the biological sciences during their undergraduate college years. Without such background, it would be difficult to catch up with the intense demands of studying Medicine. Hence, the preferred preparatory programs for entry into medical school are Biological Sciences programs that are primarily structured as pre-medicine courses such as B.S. Biology (and its equivalents in various University systems) and  Allied Sciences programs like B.S. Medical Technology, B.S. Pharmacy, B.S. Nursing, B.S. Public Health, and B.S. Physical Therapy. Other B.S. and B.A. degree holders may still apply but it is highly recommended that they take extra units in the Biological Sciences, Chemistry (including Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry) and Physics."

    And other schools e.g. St. Luke's require you to have a certain amount of science units if you come from a non-science course.
    As a guide, here are the recommended units:
    -15 units Biology
    -10 units Chemistry
    -9 units Mathematics
    -5 units Physics
    -12 units Social Sciences

    That said, I am not a graduate of UST so I can't give any advice on what to do if you take a course in music enrolled at UST :(. It is possible that you could shift to a pre-med course after 1 semester, but again, I'm not sure about the process in UST.

    I can share my experience in applying, though. I graduated from Trinity University of Asia with a non-board pre-med (BS Biology). I couldn't graduate with honors due to one bad grade disqualifying me. I did have a good GWA and an NMAT of 98, but at the time I was still pretty damn sure I wouldn't get in because I graduated from TUA. Add to that the fact I couldn't get a recommendation letter from a priest.

    I did get accepted, though. And another person from this forum was in a similar situation with an NMAT of 91, and they were accepted as well.

    So I could say that not graduating from the Big 4 doesn't keep you from getting accepted at UST-FMS. 

    So to answer your question, I can't say that graduating from another school with a pre-med course is the better choice, but it isn't impossible and I believe you'll still have a decent chance of getting in if you choose that way :). And if I remember correctly, there is a wait-list. 

    If you haven't read it yet, there is a guideline in the FMS website that explains how applicants are chosen for admission. In order of importance: GWA, NMAT score, Entrance exam if administered, Extracurricular activities, and professional licensure certificates/post-graduate diplomas. 

    I hope this helps! I'm sorry I can't answer your question more directly, everything at UST is still very new to me. I hope you could get input from someone in a more similar situation 😊!!

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