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DIY: Things You Made/Did At Home To Save Money or to Avoid Hassle

What things (ie food, services, objects) have you created at home (esp. during quarantine) that saved you money or avoided hassle?
Did it turn out better than or worse, or just good enough than if you bought or paid for them?

-Iced coffee. I usually don't like Starbucks or coffee houses, but since beginning of lockdown to stay sane I try to go out and drive somewhere once a day. So I started going to drive thru coffee places just to get out. But after a couple of months, I realized how much I was spending for essentially a cup of coffee with 1.5 cups of ice. So I started making it from home since I had most of the ingredients. Mine was better, esp. I get my coffee from bougie sources, and it's free. lol
-Taxes. I did it first time a couple of years ago, and I ended up being audited. Saved 50+% of tax services, but ended up having to call IRS to verify my identity because they suspected that I stole someone's identity (because I had been doing taxes through the same person for almost 16 yrs).
-Some of my car maintenance. I've been doing this for years only minor things that I can do like oil change/tire rotation (although I still just pay for it when I do other maintenance), fixed some of the electric/cable issues.
-Made some cheescake recently...but Cheesecake Factory's is better.
-Fixing broken appliances. I fixed my Keurig, air fryer, electric fan, I attempted to fix the heater (that I use for work during winter) but I just broke it even worse.
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