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Are you planning to take DLSU MBA Program for SY 2020?

Sharing sample assessment fee breakdown last Term 2 2019-2020 (new MBA student).
This is for university requirement courses (SPS5000, BUS500C, ENG501M)

Tuition  11,448.00
New Student Fees  1,387.00  
   Matriculation 848.00   
   Orientation   539.00 
Miscellaneous 6,869.00  
   Trimestral Reg    971.00   
   Student Services 514.00   
   Athletics 289.00   
   AnimoSpace Fee 700.00   
   Stud Mat'ls & Forms  135.00   
   Medical/Dental  400.00   
   Library  1,892.00   
   Museum/Gen Cultural 15.00   
   Information and Comm 786.00   
   Energy Fee 1,000.00   
   Insurance 167.00 
Development Fees 2,000.00  
   Development Fee 2,000.00 
   ID Card (New) 597.00
Total 22,301.00

***Subject to 7% rebate due to class suspension halfway of Term 2 due to Luzonwide ECQ.

Ps. If you're a BSBA/BM undergrad, you are exempted to take bridge courses (15units). 
Because sharing is caring  =)


  • student119student119 PExer
    edited May 26
    Just checking if anyone here is planning to take either of the following foundation courses under DLSU MBA Program:

    ACC535M Management Accounting
    MSC530M Quantitative Methods for Decision Making
    BUS530M Management Action Research

    Let me know should you want to be course classmates.
    Thank you
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