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Source: http://www.alburolaw.com/highlights-of-the-guidelines-for-areas-placed-under-modified-enhanced-community-quarantine

It has been more than two months since the country was under Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ). Gladly, starting May 16, 2020, parts of the Philippines were put under either General Community Quarantine or Modified Enhanced Community Quarantine (MECQ). The National Capital Region (NCR) is currently under MECQ based on Resolution No. 37 of Inter-Agency Task Force (IATF).

MECQ refers to the transition phase between ECQ and GCQ, when these temporary measures are relaxed: stringent limiting movement and transportation of people, strict regulation of operating industries, provision of food and essential services, and heightened presence of uniformed personnel to enforce community quarantine protocols become less necessary.

Under MECQ, the following, may operate at full operational capacity:

a. Media establishments;
b. Establishments involved in the production of cement and steel;
c. Business Process Outsourcing (BPOs) and export-oriented establishments, without need to set up onsite or near-site accommodation arrangements:
d. Mining and quarrying;
e. E-commerce companies;
f. Postal, courier and delivery services;
g. Rental and leasing, other than real estate, such as vehicles and equipment permitted sectors;
h. Employment activities that involves the recruitment and placement for permitted sectors;
i. Repair of computers, personal and household goods; and
j. Housing services activities

Those allowed to operate at fifty percent (50%) operational capacity, while encouraging work from home and other flexible work arrangement are the following:

a. Manufacturing industries
b. Real estate and leasing activities
c. Administrative and office support
d. Financial services
e. Legal and accounting services
f. Management consultancy services or activities
g. Agricultural and engineering activities
h. Science and technology, and research development
i. Recruitment and placement agencies for overseas employment
j. Advertising and market research
k. Computer programming and information management services
l. Publishing and printing services
m. Film, music and television production
n. Photography, fashion, and industrial, graphic and interior design
o. Wholesale and retail trade of vehicles and their parts and components
p. Repair and maintenance of vehicles
q. Malls and commercial centers
r. Dining and restaurants, but for delivery and take-out only
s. Hardware stores
t. Clothing accessories
u. Bookstore and school and office supplies
v. Baby or infant care supplies
w. Pet food and pet care supplies
x. Information technology, communications and electronic equipment
y. Flower, jewelry, novelty, antique and perfume shops
z. Toy stores except their playgrounds and amusement areas
aa. Firearms and ammunition trading establishments
bb. Religious ministers insofar as providing home religious services to the households while observing social distancing, wearing of face masks and the like.

The following are not allowed to operate within an area under

a. Tourist destinations such as water parks, reservation service and related services
b. Entertainment industries such as cinemas, theaters, and karaoke bars
c. Kid amusement industries such as play room and kiddy rides
d. Libraries, archives, museums and cultural centers
e. Gyms, fitness studios and sport facilities
f. Personal care services such as massage parlors, sauna, facial care and waxing.

With regard to transportation, private transportation such as company
shuttles and personal vehicles utilized by persons authorized outside their residences are allowed while encouraging the use of bikes and other non-motorized transportation. Public transportation is still suspended. However, commissioned shuttle services for employees of permitted offices or establishments, as well as point-to-point transport services provided by the government is allowed to operate, giving priority to healthcare workers.

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