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Why are Filipinos massive hypocrites?

Aside from Canadians and Europeans you are the third most hypocritical people I know of and here is why:

Over and over again I come across Filipinos who are angry with the US. Heck, I even come across Filipinos who are angry with the US who live in the US. Isn't your leader, Dutz, one of these angry people? Didn't he just cancel the VFA just recently? Wasn't he threatening to sever ties with the USA? What happened?

I thought that Dutz had gained the support of the Filipino people by opening their eyes to the atrocities of the Americans? Because of this millions of Filipinos are not angry and are supporting Dutz in his foreign policy and ridding the Philippines of the evil Yankee imperialist aggressors influence? What happened?

Why is the Philippines still allied with the US? Why does the Philippines still have any relations with the US? Why does the Philippines still trade with the US? Why hasn't the Philippines shut downed the US embassy? Why does the Philippines keep accepting US aid? Why do Filipinos still go to the US? Why hasn't the Philippines kicked out all the Americans living in the Philippines? Why does the Philippines still allow Americans in? Why hasn't the Philippines shut downed all American owned businesses and assets and gave them to the poor Filipinos who I thought were poor because of the Americans?

And I thought Filipinos thought that America is the one to blame for all the sins of the Philippines?

Anyway, Filipinos, where is the action in all of these? Why is the Philippines still allied with your former colonial master? Come on people! If you are going to say you are going to do something, commit to it! Don't say it just to threaten them! They aren't threatened by you, in fact they laugh at you! Do it and hopefully you'll be happy. Don't be afraid of the consequence, just do it and maybe you'll inspire all the other nations who hate the US in doing the same thing.

Filipinos, you are right, you don't need America but America does not need you either. How arrogant can you be to claim that the US needs you more than you need them? Didn't you make them leave in 1991? They left didn't they? But then after you asked them to come back? Come on Filipinos.... what is this? What kind of attitude is this? With this kind of attitude, the world will never take you seriously. Anyway, they've got Guam, they've got South Korea, they've got Japan. You are a burden to them. They want to be rid of you and that is why Trump was happy when Dutz cancelled the VFA.

And if they could reverse time, they probably would have never colonized you to begin with due to all the problems that they had to face because of you. And then they will laugh at how miserably you would still fail at being a nation and then, of course, you will still find a way to blame them for all your sins regardless.

Anyway Filipinos, please DO ITCommit to it! Try to save face at least. 


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