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Alternative broadcast options for UAAP (Season 83 and beyond)

kenilworth12kenilworth12 PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
I originally posted this on the S83 Volleyball Thread but this deserves its own thread, with a few edits.

With the CDO (cease and desist order) of ABS-CBN looming for the network, should the UAAP have a plan B (a la the US NCAA and most of its member conferences across all three divisions) for broadcast coverage? Some of us remember the local NCAA's coverage that flopped in 2013, under the forerunner of ESPN5, AKSYON TV.

I believe the UAAP will find ways to have its own broadcast coverage independent of ABS-CBN.

For the UAAP fans who subscribe to US NCAA services offered by the likes of Stretch Internet and ESPN, do you think this is uncharted territory for the league? Methinks I agree. There are not too many options, even streaming and expat Pinoy-friendly, offered outside of the media giants.


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