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Your Coronavirus Conspiracy Theories

Coronavirus Conspiracy Theories:

1. It was purposely created by the Deep State (aka the Cabal, tropa nila Bill Gates at Hillary Clinton) to take down Donald Trump. Collateral damage nalang yung ikalat sa buong mundo para hindi halata.

2. It was purposely created by the Deep State (aka the Cabal, tropa nila Bill Gates at Hillary Clinton) to reset the economy of every country back to square one. Collateral damage nalang yung ikalat sa buong mundo para hindi halata. When over, Socialism and Authoritarian regimes will be enforced to "help the countries get back on their feet". 

3. It was purposely created by Big Pharma companies for $$$ when they release a vaccine for this.

4. It was purposely created so that vaccinations would be required for every citizen in the world. In that vaccine are micro AI chips for mind control or to change people's behaviors to shape society in the future.

5. China's plan to take down USA and pave the way for World domination.

6. USA's plan to take down China and pave the way for reclaiming World Domination.



  • Alpha_Greenv_2Alpha_Greenv_2 PEx Rookie ⭐
    My guess is it's seems like a combination of 1 and 3, with a little bit of 2. 
  • Juan Plus OneJuan Plus One PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    The Democrats have been in bed with CCP for decades.

    As I stated previously, the dems will do ANYTHING to unseat Trump.  They don't care about people dying from covid or hunger, tanking the economies, millions unemployed, and so on.

    Per president Trump, China will own the United States if demented Biden is elected.

  • Alpha_Greenv_2Alpha_Greenv_2 PEx Rookie ⭐
    Biden? LOL. He seems senile already. No chance in hell to win.

  • Alpha_Greenv_2Alpha_Greenv_2 PEx Rookie ⭐
    edited April 2020
    "As I stated previously, the dems will do ANYTHING to unseat Trump.  They don't care about people dying from covid or hunger, tanking the economies, millions unemployed, and so on."

    I actually saw a clip where Bill Maher (american political comentator for those who don't know), actually said he would choose to have a recession if that would mean the only way to get rid of Trump. I guess that implies he would also rather see Americans (innocent Americans) die of hunger rather than Trump having his way for 4 more years. At least he's honest about it unlike other Demoncrats. Demoncrats and their followers are pure evil.

    Ang katumbas ng mga Demoncrats sa Pinas ay ANG MGA KAMPON NG MGA DILAWAN!
  • lordlapulapulordlapulapu PEx Rookie ⭐

    5. China's plan to take down USA and pave the way for World domination.

    So far USA ang pinaka apektado.
  • pong_padourpong_padour PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    edited April 2020


    Bill Gates and his dad are eugenicists. They share the same bloodline with the Rockefellers.
    Bill Gates' grandfather is holds a high position in the Federal reserve.
    Notice how much airtime he got in almost every media outlet nowadays portraying to be the leading expert in infectious disease. You just need to follow the money. Where did he invest his money, how openly he said in Ted Talks and how he came up with that ridiculous formula of CO2 emission. How the Event201 he funded/hosted was at the same date as the Wuhan Military Games back in Oct 18, 2019. How many medals did the US military won? Why the sudden stepping down as Microsoft's CEO? It's all too coincidental.
    The moment I knew how he got rich, I knew he cannot be trusted.
    He became a billionaire from selling a knockoff/copy DOS made for him by some shop I think somewhere in Seattle whose original codes were written by his colleague computer engineer Gary Killdall. And of course he got connections from his dad and his wealthy friends.
    He and bis wife's foundation, Melinda and Bill Gates foundation is just a for of tax break. Parang kinuha mo lang yun pera mo sa kanang bulsa mo at nilagay sa kaliwa.
    I believe Bill Gates is not alone in this crime against humanity. 
    Well it's just my opinion.
  • pong_padourpong_padour PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    edited April 2020

    “Bill Gates has expressed the earth is overpopulated.

    His "health" program in Africa caused infertility in thousands. An African doctor who spoke out about the negative effects wound up dead. Recently, an African politician refused clinical trials to be done on his people. Why? Because while everyone else was praising Gates for his "humanitarians efforts, of injecting malnourished people instead of feeding them, the people themselves woke to the fact they were a science experiment and want no more of it.

    Gates has funded research and experiments to block out the sun. Ya know, natural vitamin D and the light which gives life. 42% of Americans are vitamin D deficient. That's almost half the population. Vit D helps your immune system and overall health. 45% of Americans have chronic illness.

    Bill Gates wants meat grown in a lab. He wants that meat sold in stores for human consumption and to replace actual meat.
    Gates helped develop ID2020

    Gates Foundation hosted Event 201 with Jon Hopkins back in October which told of a coronavirus pandemic.

    Gates wants no mass gatherings until mass vaccination- in which he'll make a fortune.

    Gates - who helped develop ID2020 biotechnology to be objected through vaccines- wants people to have proof of vaccination.

    Bill Gates is a Globalist.

    •Bill Gate's father was a modern eugenicist, the head of Planned Parenthood, and according to Gate's, inspired his views on population control. 😳

    •Bill Gates held an event called "event 201", a pandemic simulation of coronavirus on October 18, 2019 in NYC. 😳

    •Bill Gates is suddenly portrayed by the media as having some say in our world health decisions and the president's decisions, despite having NO medical degree, no specialty in virology or immunology, and absolutely no credentials that would establish him as an expert in public health. He's a computer software developer who made billions of dollars.

    •Bill Gates is the second largest W.H.O. donor (World Health Organization). The WHO is currently calling for the removal of people from their homes and the separation of families from exposed or infected individuals.

    •Bill Gates openly wants to reduce the world population and talked of doing so with vaccines in a TED talk in 2010. (A very disturbing talk). He wants one world currency, one world government, and tracking devices implanted into people. (N.W.O.).

    •Bill Gates has the head of the Coronavirus task force- Dr Anthony Fauci- who is currently advising the president what to do with the entire country right now- on the board of The Gates Foundation!! Fauci has been in Gate's pocket for over a decade. 😳

    •Bill Gates has invested 300 million USD in coronavirus vaccines and patents. 😑

    All 100% true and somehow legal. WHY?? 


  • pong_padourpong_padour PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    edited April 2020
    Role of IBM during the Holocaust


    Newly discovered documents from Hitler's Germany prove that the computer company IBM directly supplied the Nazis with technology which was used to help transport millions of people to their deaths in the concentration camps at Auschwitz and Treblinka, a controversial Holocaust expert claims in a new edition of book published later this week.

    Edwin Black, whose book IBM and the Holocaust was published in hardback last year, says new evidence set out in the paperback version shows that executives at the firm's New York headquarters directly controlled a Polish subsidiary which leased punch-card machines used to "calculate exactly how many Jews should be emptied out of the ghettos each day" and to transport them efficiently on railways leading to the camps.

    Role of IBM today during COVID 19 Pandemic


    IBM is partnering with the White House to make a vast amount of supercomputing power available to help researchers stop the spreading coronavirus pandemic, according to the Trump administration.

    The tech company has teamed up with the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy and the U.S. Department of Energy to launch the the COVID-19 High Performance Computing Consortium, according to a statement from Dario Gil, director of IBM Research. 

    What's the relation of Bill Gates to IBM?


  • art727art727 PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Parang CHEMICAL WARFARE na ito na sinasabi ng marami na ginawa ng isang bansa!..para magamit sa isang malakihang giyera versus USA and EU..kasi nga walang bawal (yata!) mag-eksperimento nitong Chemical weapons,Di.. tulad ng Nuclear bomb NA BAWAL!...kaya ayun!..Lumigwak sa Laboratoryo at kumalat..Tanong? nakagawa na kaya sila ng virus control? bago ito SUMINGAW? palagay ko meron na pero ayaw lang! isa-publiko pa! Kasi ibebenta nila ito ng mahal, Global nation lahat ang kustomers ..
  • Alpha_Greenv_2Alpha_Greenv_2 PEx Rookie ⭐
    Bill Gates should be charged with Crimes against Humanity
  • art727art727 PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    money can moved mountains!, and Gates had all these dineros!!
  • RamblerNextGenRamblerNextGen PEx Rookie ⭐
    I'm leaning towards 1,2,4, and 5. But I guess the most important thing right now is not so much to ascertain its origin but to be forward-looking and recognize how this affects prophecy in so many ways, namely:

    1. Yesterday, Gantz signed the coalition government with Netanyahu. This came after 3 elections in just 1 year. Kung hindi nagkaroon ng virus, they would probably have lapsed into a 4th election. Knowing how everything about the end times will become increasingly Israel-centric, it is not so hard to see that God has used this crisis to break the deadlock in Israeli politics.

    God did not start the virus, but God has used it for His purposes. Ang history kasi ay parang game of chess. The devil makes a move, God counters that move, and eventually God will declare checkmate. Sometimes God's move doesn't make sense, but when seen from a vantage view, mapapanganga ka na lang because of how brilliant that move is. I've seen that play out many times in my life. 

    2. This could be the beginning of China's downfall. China is a bit of an outlier sa mainstream liberal nations. Although it has communist/socialist roots and sits in the UN Security Council, still the liberals/socialists in the West are not comfortable with China. Medyo pinaboran lang ng kaliwa ang China these past 20 years kasi sa sobrang hate nila sa US, lahat na lang ng anti-US eh papanigan nila. 

    But in the last few days, the left changed its tune regarding China. First time ko makita na negative ang coverage ng kaliwa sa China, except on the issue of Uighurs, which, based on the left's playbook of intersectionality, are more oppressed, hence the "obligation" to cover it. Dati maingat ang kaliwa magcriticize ng China because China is covertly anti-US, and they side with anything and anyone against America. But recently, they seem to be throwing China under the bus. Bagong style na naman ito ng kaliwa, and I think there's a narrative coming out of it. 

    On the prophecy front, I think it makes sense na hihina ang China because of this. Although the trade deal with the US was stalled and although they have been buying stocks around the world, still China stands to lose billions, if not trillions, of dollars because supply chains came to a halt. Like I said before, the last days are going to be focused more on the Middle East and Europe (at least after the Ezekiel 38 War where Russia is taken out), so it makes sense for China to be just another generic third-world country that will succumb to the 10-Region New World Order. 

    3. Another area of prophecy that this crisis has really spurred is the New World Order. Duh, this one is a no-brainer. Actually, mas confident pa ako dito kumpara sa first 2 na minention ko. Obvious na obvious na isa itong krisis na ito sa mga magiging pundasyon ng New World Order.

    4. The awakening of believers. It may not be as bombastic as those phony revivalists have been preaching for years. It may be of a more subdued nature, a more quiet affair, but it has more substance than what the emergent churches have imagined with their loud music and fiery preaching and all of that shallow stuff. Ang revival na ito, mas may substance, mas totoo, mas genuine. Why? Because the key was repentance. Instead of those ear-splitting loud music and feel-good preaching na usually makikita mo sa apostate churches, ito ay rooted sa repentance and humility and full dependence on God. I believe God is purifying the church, her bride, so that she will be blameless at presentable naman pag rapture na at naiharap na sa Kanya. Maranatha!

    5. The drawing in of unbelievers. Dahil sa krisis na ito, mas madali ng ma-reach ang mga unbelievers. Minsan kasi ganun tayong mga tao hehehe. Kailangan maumpog muna bago magising sa katotohanan hehehe. Although may social distancing, through the internet, I believe thousands are coming to the Lord Jesus Christ. This fulfills prophecy kasi sabi ni Paul di ba, dapat makumpleto muna ang number ng Church bago ma-activate ang rapture. 
  • pong_padourpong_padour PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    edited April 2020

    Bill Gates already has a bad rep from the vaccine agenda he's pushing, just read the comments.
  • BusilakBusilak PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    If this is due to US or China, then we must be experiencing World War III.
  • lordlapulapulordlapulapu PEx Rookie ⭐

    •Bill Gates has invested 300 million USD in coronavirus vaccines and patents. 😑

    Limos lang sa kanya ang 300 million. 
  • art727art727 PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Magtulungan na lang sana lahat ng tao sa mundo..puti,itim,brown,yellow,red,atbp...sa pag-puksa nitong COVID 19 at kung anupang kalamidad na darating na susunod!...dahil iisa lang ang mundo na ating tinitirahan..sundin ang bawat UTOS ng kani-kanilang pamahalaan tungo sa ikabubuti ng kanilang mamamayan..Iwasan muna ang pamumulitika at mga kurapsyon!..kasi sa kagipitang ito..walang sinumang makakaligtas sa Pandemic na ito walang pinipili ito MAYAMAN KA? O MAHIRAP?...pag dinapuan ka nito...pare-pareho lang ang sintomas at gamot...sa ngayon walang magagawa ang pera ng tao!!!sa sakit na ito!!!!
  • pong_padourpong_padour PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Watch this

  • RamblerNextGenRamblerNextGen PEx Rookie ⭐
    ^Pong, what was the video about? Grabe, mabilis pa sa alas-kuwatro, tinanggal kaagad ni leftist YouTube. Haays, we really are living in dangerous times. 
  • pong_padourpong_padour PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    edited May 2020
    It's about lies and deception of some notable figures like Fauci, Gates and other big organizations and pharma. How they manipulate the public and their agenda of profiteering from fear mongering and the real cause of COVID 19.
    I've already been telling other people several months ago and I think in this thread about the involvement of US military base like Fort Detrick and eugenicists like Bill Gates. 

    Here's the video that was deleted. Nilagyan na lang ng background sound. Soon buburahin na dun ng left yan at Youtube, Facebook and othe socoal media platforms.

  • pong_padourpong_padour PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    edited May 2020
    LOL. In just a matter of hours binura na naman ang isang copy ng video na yan. 
    Then some of the "debunking" of this video in Youtube hindi binubura. Makes you think bakit selective ang Youtube. They don't want people to watch it and expose the dirty little secrets of the organizations.
    Search nyo na lang Plandemic. I hope may copies pa yun. 
    Even CNet and other credible online websites noticed how other social media like Youtube, Twitter and FB are rushing to delete that video.

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