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Plane explosion in Philippines kills eight, including two foreigners

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Plane explosion in Philippines kills eight, including two foreigners

ReutersMarch 29, 2020
Lion Air Crash
(Source: Pacific Storm Update Facebook)

MANILA (Reuters) - A medical evacuation plane exploded during take-off in the Philippine capital on Sunday, killing all eight passengers and crew, including an American and a Canadian, officials said.

The plane, owned by a Philippines-registered charter service Lionair, had been bound for Haneda, Japan, but burst into flames at the end of the runway around 8 p.m. (1200 GMT), Manila's main airport said.

Indonesian carrier Lion Air issued a statement making clear that it is unrelated to Manila-based Lionair.

Video footage showed a huge plume of smoke rising into the night sky as fire crews doused the fuselage with foam.

The twin-jet West Wind 24 plane was carrying three medical personnel, three flight crew, a patient and a companion, Richard Gordon, a senator and head of the Philippine Red Cross, said on Twitter.

"Unfortunately, no passenger survived the accident," the Manila International Airport Authority (MIAA) said in a statement.

An investigation by the Civil Aeronautics Authority of the Philippines was under way, MIAA said.

The runway has been closed temporarily, affecting an arriving Korean Air flight that was diverted to Clark airport in northern Philippines, said MIAA General Manager Eddie Monreal.

The aim is to reopen the runway about two hours after midnight, he said in a press briefing.

Monreal confirmed that an American national and a Canadian citizen were among those killed, but could not provide further detail. The six others were all Filipinos, he said.

(Reporting by Martin Petty and Enrico dela Cruz; Editing by Nick Macfie and David Goodman)


Take off explosion? Something wrong, very, very wrong.

What I the cause of the explosion? Medical oxygen tanks improperly secured or plane fuel tanks filled with incorrect fuel mixture?

What else could it be? A bomb? To prevent someone to leave?

And aren't planes to allowed to take off or land? Who was the patient? And who were the foreigners?


  • hellraiser2.hellraiser2. PEx Veteran ⭐⭐

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    THE couple - John Hurst, a Canadian national, and Marilyn de Jesus, a Filipina, - were among the nine persons who had perished in the plane accident that took place tonight at the NAIA runway . They were passengers in the Lion cargo plane chartered by the DoH to ferry medical goods and equipment. The plane was enroute to Japan. CTTO. A friend forwarded the photo to me.

  • bzbee9bzbee9 PEx Rookie ⭐
    If they are ferrying medical goods and equipment why are they going to Japan? And why DOH would spend for it?  Does not make sense. They have a doctor and a flight nurse on board too. Probably it is a medivac flight. Who is the patient?
    So many questions that this admin has to answer.
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