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Pangangalakal ng Salaping Dayuhan - Foreign Exchange Trading

Hi Pex Pips, 

Sino sa inyo ang nasubukan nang mag foreign exchange trading? Ano ang naging experience ninyo? Mahirap bang pumasok sa linya ng investment na ito? Salamat sa mga inyong sagot. 


  • Happy_PinayHappy_Pinay PEx Rookie ⭐
    It's super risky if you don't know what you're doing and you're just looking to get rich quick. You have to learn risk management, have sound plan, know your edge, trading psychology, etc. 

    Maraming brokers na nag ooffer pwede na for as low as $1 - $10 you can open an account on them. Pero it's much better to start demo trading muna. Once you prove that your system is profitable in a minimum of 6 months then try it with a small live account. 

    Just try it and see what works for you. 
    Good luck! 

    As for me I blew many accounts in the past lol because of the wrong mindset I had on trading but I'm still learning today. 

    I suggest learn the basics in babypips.com 

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