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Realme 5 pro or Redmi note 8 pro ano ang pinaka okay bilhing phone sa dalawang ito?

Hello i'm just want your opinion regarding on this question regarding on Realme 5 pro or Redmi note 8 pro ano po ba pinakaokay bilhin sa dalawang phone na yan

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  • jmabasa08jmabasa08 PExer
    edited January 2020 #2 Answer ✓
    That depends on how you will normally use the phone. Are you going to use it for mobile games? Streaming movies online? For music? For photos and videos? that depends. TBH you don't necessarily include streaming movies or music dahil halos lahat ng model ng phone ngayon kayang gawin yan. For gaming I would choose Realme 5 pro dahil mas malakas ang GPU or yung hardware for gaming process niya compare sa Redmi Note 8 pro, but if you'll use it for taking photos and recording videos, I would suggest Redmi Note 8 pro dahil mas mataas ang resolution or yung Megapixel nya at mas mraming camera feature compare sa Realme 5 pro. Like I said that depends on how you'll normally use the phone, moreover hindi naman ganun kalaki ang difference with each other when it comes to performance, but budget wise? I would go for Realme 5 Pro. Just a suggestion though.
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