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Cohabitation and having another family while still married to another

suzdecsuzdec PEx Rookie ⭐
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I met my boyfriend last year. He is kind, caring, and very supportive. The catch is... he's still married. He has been separated from his wife for 10 years. He has no communication with her, he raised their children by himself, and she barely talks to their children. She works abroad and never comes home to see them.
Annulment is an arduous, expensive process in the Philippines that guarantees no success even after countless hearings and money spent. We're the only country in the world, save for the Vatican City, that doesn't allow divorce.
Some couples move on without benefit of an annulment. They cohabit and have families with a new partner. This may present a challenge with my own family. And how accepting is our society of such things? There may be a double standard. People will say it's okay for the man but what of the woman who loves such a man?
Men like him are hard to come by and I wonder if we can have a future some day.
Fellow Pexers, have you ever been in the same situation before? What are your stories?


  • java_chiqjava_chiq PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    As much as I wanna tell you to just forget this guy and get the love you deserve-  I'll just choke on it. 
    We fall- and we can't help it.  
    Let me ask you a few questions instead.

    Are you happy ?
    Does he make you happy?
    Is he happy with you?

    /suzdec said:

    Men like him are hard to come by and I wonder if we can have a future some day.

    There are probably a lot of men like him-  he just happens to be the one you have.

  • _Zei_Emu__Zei_Emu_ PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Same tayo ng situation. He’s separated but still married. He has the qualities of your boyfriend. He’s kind, loving, caring and patient. I’m happy. He’s happy. That’s what’s important.

    But sometimes I’m wondering about our future… what if one day we want to start a family? We can just live together and have kids. Be an unmarried loving family. What’s mine is mine. No legal benefits of marriage. And to hell what society thinks. 

    Ayoko munang isipin ang annulment. Annulment is a long process and very expensive. It requires time and a huge amount of money that could be spent elsewhere. If only we have money to spare then why not? 

    People will tell you to leave the guy and get what you deserve-marriage. It depends on what matters more to you… the person or the legal benefits of marriage? Nasa iyo yan. The guy is also human who made mistakes and deserved to be loved, like we all do. 

    We can’t choose who we love, who we fall for. Love is love. We can’t refuse it. To deprive yourself of  a chance to be happy is cruel. Life is short, we’ll never know when our time comes. We’ll never know.
  • NilsNils PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Uy! Mga beneficiaries ng divorce bill! 
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