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Vice President of the Philippines: Maria Leonora Gerona Robredo

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Robredo accepts appointment to gov't anti-drug body

Published November 6, 2019 1:29pm
Updated November 6, 2019 4:46pm

Vice President Leni Robredo on Wednesday said she is accepting President Rodrigo Duterte's appointment of her as co-chairperson of the Inter-Agency Committee on Anti-Illegal Drugs (ICAD).

Robredo announced her decision at a press conference in Quezon City. She did not entertain questions from the media. 

  “Ang pinakamahalagang konsiderasyon para sa akin ay simple lang: Kung ito ang pagkakataon para matigil ang patayan ng mga inosente at mapanagot ang mga kailangang managot, papasanin ko ito. Tinatanggap ko ang trabaho na ibinigay ng Pangulo," Robredo said.

"Tinatanong nila ako kung handa ako. Ang tanong, handa ba sila sa akin?" she added.

Duterte previously offered Robredo to be a drug czar for six months after she criticized the administration's intensified campaign against illegal drugs, saying it needs reassessment following the deaths of many suspects. 

But in a memorandum dated October 31, Duterte said Robredo would serve as ICAD co-chair, which holds a Cabinet rank, until the end of the administration's term on June 30, 2022, unless sooner revoked.

Robredo, however, admitted that the job could be an uphill climb, given her consistent criticisms of the administration’s drug war.

“Mula simula, ang gusto ko ay itigil ang pagpatay sa mga inosente, panagutin ang mga abusadong opisyal tulad ng mga ninja cops at mga nagpalusot ng tone-toneladang shabu, bigyan ng hustisya at boses ang mga pamilya ng mga pinaslang na walang kasalanan, habulin ang mga malalaking drug lords, hindi lang ang maliliit na nagtutulak sa kanto-kanto. Kahit sabihin na nating ang alok na ito ay pamumulitika lamang, at hindi naman talaga ako susundin ng mga ahensiya, at gagawin nila ang lahat para hindi ako magtagumpay, handa akong tiisin ang lahat ng ito,” Robredo pointed out.

“Dahil kung mayroon akong maililigtas na kahit isang inosenteng buhay, ang sinasabi ng prinsipyo at puso ko ay kailangan ko itong subukan,” she added.

The Vice President also clarified that her acceptance of the post does not mean that she would be all praises for the drug war from this point.

“Alam ng Pangulo [na] tutol ako sa pagpatay ng mga inosente, kontra ako sa pang-aabuso ng mga opisyal. Alam niya ang aking mga puna. Alam niya ang mga balak kong ayusin. Kaya kung iniisip niya na sa pagpayag na ito ay tatahimik ako, nagkakamali siya,” Robredo said.

“Simula pa lang, handa tayong tumulong sa ikabubuti ng bayan. Pero kailanman, hindi natin isusuko ang ating mga paniniwala. Seryosong usapan kapag buhay ang nakataya,” she added.

FULL TEXT: Why Robredo accepted Duterte's anti-drug appointment

At least 5,500 suspects have been killed in police anti-drug operations under Duterte, excluding those killed by unidentified gunmen.

Robredo's spokesperson, lawyer Barry Gutierrez, earlier described Duterte's appointment of Robredo as ICAD chair as "problematic" since Executive Order 15, which created ICAD, does not provide for a co-chair post.


Malacañang on Wednesday welcomed the decision of Robredo to accept her appointment as co-chairperson of the government’s anti-narcotics campaign.

“It’s always a good step forward for any public official who would want to help this country,” presidential spokesperson Salvador Panelo said in an interview on CNN Philippines.

Panelo said the Duterte administration is ready to help Robredo in fulfilling her mandate as co-chair of the ICAD.

The Philippine National Police said it welcomes Robredo's acceptance of the offer

"As a member of ICAD, the PNP will extend to her utmost courtesy, cooperation and full support towards the attainment of a drug free Philippines by 2022," the PNP said in a statement.

Senators wished Robredo good luck on her new job, with some of them even offering to lend her a hand.

But Senator Christopher "Bong" Go expressed apprehension that Robredo might be "soft" on the drug lords, even as Senator Ronald dela Rosa said the Vice President should be tough in going about the anti-drug campaign.

Liberal Party congressmen on Wednesday also welcomed "with cautious optimism" Robredo's acceptance of the post, adding they "approach this development with cautious optimism and with great pride in the courage and sincerity of our Party Chairperson." —KBK/KG/RSJ, GMA News



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  • netopiannetopian PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    Full support si Sec Panelo sa iyo Madam. =)

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    All eyes on you. :giggle:


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    RJ Nieto post:


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    RJ Nieto post:

    Hey, VP Leni Robredo, let me gently remind you that "Drug Czar" means "Anti-Drug Czar". Don't let your campaign supporters confuse you. 😂


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    Jay Sonza post:


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    Dreams are my reality.


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    Jay Sonza post:


    Sadik Abdul post:

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    Harassed but unbowed, Philippines VP to take on 'poisoned chalice' role

    By Martin Petty
    ReutersNovember 7, 2019
    Harassed but unbowed Philippines VP to take on 39poisoned chalice39 role
    View photos
    FILE PHOTO - President Rodrigo Duterte talks to Vice-President Leni Robredo during the Philippine National Police Academy graduation ceremony in Camp Castaneda

    By Martin Petty

    MANILA (Reuters) - The last time aides of Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte sent a text message to his vice president, it was to tell her to stay away from his cabinet meetings.

    But after three years in the cold, Leni Robredo is being welcomed back to Duterte's cabinet as his "tsar" in a war on drugs in which thousands of people have been killed. Robredo, a 54-year-old who was elected separately to Duterte, has called the campaign ineffective and out of control.

    "We don't even know the numbers anymore. We do not know how many died because of the drugs war because government has not been transparent," she said in an interview with Reuters last month.

    Robredo's allies see the job offer - to co-chair an inter-government panel on drugs along with the head of the anti-drugs agency - as a poisoned chalice. They say she is being set up to fail, a play to humiliate one of Duterte's few remaining rivals to challenge his popular autocracy ahead of 2022 elections.

    Robredo has however accepted the job, possibly setting her on a collision course with the president.

    "They are asking me if I am ready for this job. My question is: Are you ready for me?" Robredo said.

    In the Oct 23 interview, she said abusive police should be stopped, and the United Nations be allowed to conduct its investigation into allegations of systematic executions and cover-ups by police.

    The Duterte administration rejects that as foreign interference based on lies and distortion, and backs the police.


    Robredo is facing possible sedition charges alongside 35 other opponents of Duterte, among them lawyers, priests, lawmakers and a former attorney general, which some officials say could result in a second impeachment attempt against her.

    Duterte has publicly threatened activists, a U.N. special rapporteur, a U.N. human rights chief, and an international war crimes prosecutor, and called the Philippines' top human rights official a pedophile.

    Other targets include a senator who has been in police detention since 2017 on drugs charges after her Senate investigation into drug war killings. Another senator was charged with kidnapping, and a Supreme Court Chief Justice who opposed some of Duterte's policies was removed.

    According to Antonio Tinio, a unionist and former congressman, Robredo's appointment is part of moves to discredit those who could complicate the succession of Duterte, who is restricted to only one six-year term.

    "Duterte is very aware that if someone from outside of his camp is elected president it's very likely he will end up in jail. It's about self-preservation," said Tinio, who was last year charged with child abuse after the president's daughter posted pictures on Instagram of minors attending his political rally.

    "As vice president, she has the stature, she's respected by the international community and that's why Duterte at the moment is paying attention to what she says."

    Robredo told Reuters she was yet to decide whether she would run in 2022 for the presidency, a contest typically won on personality rather than party or policy.

    A former human rights lawyer, she was thrust into politics after her husband, then interior secretary Jesse Robredo, was killed in a 2012 plane crash. She has three daughters.

    By challenging the hugely popular Duterte, Robredo has had a rough ride, subjected to what she says is an organized campaign of online trolling and fabricated news stories that she said originates from influencers linked to government.


    The worst, she said, were abuses and sexual harassment of her and her daughters.

    "In the age of fake news, in the age of trolls, it is difficult to be a woman politician, especially like me who doesn't have a husband," Robredo said.

    "Somebody like me is an open target. I am very vulnerable."

    Robredo likened the crackdown on dissent to the martial law era of late dictator Ferdinand Marcos, demonstrating a slide towards authoritarianism, and a climate of fear.

    "We see a very strong, very popular leader who is trying to take advantage of the popularity by trying to stifle the opposition, and trying to weaken the institutions," she said.

    She added: "There are very, very few of us that are speaking out".

    During the interview, Robredo said Duterte's bellicose rhetoric was encouraging police abuses in a drugs war that had spiraled out of control.

    It is unclear whether Robredo will have any power to change that. Presidential spokesman, Salvador Panelo, sidestepped questions about her remit, but on Thursday said Duterte was sincere in his support for her.

    "People say this will make or break you," he said. "Prove us wrong in that you can hack it. This is your time."

    Nicole Curato, an associate professor at the University of Canberra said Robredo had a track record of engaging the right people to find solutions.

    "Whether these proposals will carry weight is another story, but at least alternative approaches to the bloody drug war are put on the table," she said. 


    She would need bodyguards, plainclothes and uniformed, for her and her family. Drug dealers and their supporters have little or no regards for human life.

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    Okay may bodyguards, pero huwag naman masyadong "obvious".
  • gotta lick itgotta lick it PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
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    honestly, ilang Chinese DRUG LORD na ba ang napatay sa panahon ni DuDirty???

    ... at ilan ang pinakawalan at pinauwi sa China ... kahit yun nakakulong sa Bilibid na GCTA to China.

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    So she doesn't have the data...lugaw screwed up with her lie!
    😂 🤣 😂

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    Robredo to Duterte: You’re wrong to think I'll stop criticizing drug war now

    'Tinatanong nila kung handa ba ako para sa trabahong ito. Ang tanong ko: handa na ba kayo para sa akin?' asks Vice President Leni Robredo

    MANILA, Philippines – Vice President Leni Robredo reminded President Rodrigo Duterte that she would continue criticizing his bloody war on drugs even if she is now Inter-Agency Committee on Anti-Illegal Drugs (ICAD) co-chair.

    “Kung iniisip niya na sa pagpayag na ito ay tatahimik ako, nagkakamali siya (If he thinks that this acceptance means I would now remain silent, he’s wrong),” said the Vice President during the same press conference where she announced her acceptance of the ICAD co-chair post on Wednesday, November 6.

    “Alam ng Pangulo kung ano ang posisyon ko sa drug war: tutol ako sa pagpatay ng mga inosente, kontra ako sa pang-aabuso ng mga opisyal. Alam niya ang aking mga puna. Alam niya ang mga balak kong ayusin,” she added.

    (The President knows my position on the drug war: I am against the killing of the innocent and abuse by officials. He knows my criticisms. He knows what I plan to fix.)

    The Vice President was initially wary of Duterte’s offer for her to lead the government’s anti-illegal drugs campaign, as he had done so after she said the drug war needs to be “tweaked” because it “was not working.”

    But on Wednesday, Robredo said she decided to accept the job if doing so would mean she has a chance to save innocent lives.

    She then told Duterte – the man who once belittled her capability to lead the country – that it is not too late for them to work together.

    “Mr President, dalawa’t kalahating taon na lang ang naiiwan sa iyong administrasyon. Hindi pa huli ang lahat. Puwede pa nating pagtulungan ito,” said the Vice President.

    (Mr President, there are only two-and-a-half years left in your administration. It’s not too late. We can still work together.)

    Robredo was once part of Duterte’s Cabinet as housing czar. But after she repeatedly criticized the drug war, the President shut her out during Cabinet meetings.

    The Vice President resigned from the Duterte Cabinet in December 2016 and instead focused on her flagship anti-poverty program Angat Buhay.

    Robredo and Duterte now only see each other during events of the military, which regularly invites the Vice President to its major events.

    On working with PDEA chief, her critic

    As ICAD co-chairperson, Robredo will now be leading the inter-agency body alongside Philippine Drug Enforcement chief Aaron Aquino, who already said she would surely “fail” if she leads the anti-illegal drug campaign.

    On Tuesday, Robredo said she is hoping all the 21-member agencies of ICAD – which was created through Executive Order No 15 – would cooperate with her.

    “Hindi laro-laro ang usapang ito. Seryosong usapan ‘pag buhay ang nakataya. Tinatanong nila kung handa ba ako para sa trabahong ito. Ang tanong ko: handa na ba kayo para sa akin?” asked the Vice President.

    (This issue is no joke. We are serious when lives are at stake. They are asking if I’m ready for this job. But I ask them: Are you ready for me?)

    Robredo’s spokesperson Barry Gutierrez said the Vice President will dedicate the next few days to figuring out how to work with Aquino. She will also be outlining her recommendations to improve the drug war.

    “I cannot speak [on] that. These are details which would be threshed out in the coming days. I imagine at some point kailangan nilang i-resolve ‘yan between them (these are issues they have to resolve between them)," said Gutierrez on the working dynamics between Robredo and Aquino.

    "But definitely, hindi aatrasan ni VP Leni ‘yong kanyang mandato dito (VP Leni will not back down from her mandate here), which is to be able to take action in order to fix what she perceives to be shortcomings in the drug war,” he added.

    Robredo has been a staunch critic of Duterte’s bloody war on drugs, which has seen deaths of at least 5,526 drug personalities in legitimate police operations alone. Human rights organizations estimate the total death toll at more than 27,000, to include those killed vigilante-style.

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    edited November 2019

    watch out VP Leni .... Alan Cayetano made it clear in his CNNPH interview,

    HE has been MONITORING you for the pass 3 MONTHS

    Related image

    Talk, Talk, Talk ka lang daw but Tokhang works daw against the War on Drugs

  • buddywbuddyw PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    edited November 2019

    Ogie Diaz to Speaker Cayetano...

    Wag ganyan, Speaker.
    Tulungan mo si VP Leni
    kung paano mong tinutulungan
    si Pangulo.

    Tulad ng ibang pabida at pabibo,
    hindi po nakakatulong yang mga
    ganyan ninyong hanash.

    Sana naman, habang tumatanda
    tayo, pasulong ang pag-iisip, hindi

    Saan mo ba itinago ang dating
    IKAW? Yun ang nami-miss ko.

    Saka ikaw naman, kakaumpisa pa lang nung
    tao, dyina-judge mo na agad.
    Mamamatay ka na po ba bukas,
    kaya gusto mo agad-agad, ngayon din
    ang resulta?

    Di mo ba pwede hintayin man lang yung
    6 months - gaya ng di mo paghusga sa Pangulo nung hindi nito na-achieve ang pangakong 6 months na wala nang droga - bago mo husgahan yung tao?

    Kung may maganda kang magagawa sa
    panahon ngayon, yan ay ang pagdarasal
    mo na magtagumpay ang Bise Presidente
    sa paglaban sa droga.

    Sana, kaya mong ipagdasal yon, Speaker.
    Yun man lang, na-inspire mo na ang
    Bise Presidente para lutasin ang
    inamin ng Pangulo na di nito nalutas.

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