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Judy Ann Santos's new teleserye, Starla, aired its pilot episode yesterday, October 7, 2019.

In Starla, Judy Ann is cast as the ruthless Teresa, a successful lawyer who wants to seek revenge on her despised hometown Baryo Maulap, which she claims is a symbol of her defeat.

The new prime-time series opened with the story of Buboy (Enzo Pelojero), a young boy who escaped from an orphanage.

Buboy saw a constellation of stars that led him to Barrio Maulap where the residents thought that the light was coming from fireflies.

The people in Barrio Maulap believed that these fireflies will bring good luck and abundance to their barrio.

It turned out that the fireflies were actually wishing stars sent by Lola Tala (Charo Santos-Concio) to have a "field trip" in the mortal world.

Lola Tala then noticed that one of her wishing stars was missing.

Buboy was so amused with the twinkling stars that he caught one of them, who turned out to be Starla (Jana Agoncillo).

Because of the heavy rain, Buboy snuck inside Mang Greggy’s (Joel Torre) kamalig and slept there for the night.

Seeing that Buboy was shivering from the cold, Starla unleashed her powers to keep Buboy warm.

The next day, Mang Greggy saw that some of his hatched eggs were stolen. He then caught Buboy sleeping in the kamalig, and blamed him for the missing eggs.

The grumpy old man drove Buboy away but he suddenly experienced an arthritis attack.

Buboy insisted on staying so he could help Mang Greggy feed the chickens. Mang Greggy then allowed Buboy to stay with him for another night.

The next day, the townsmen of Barrio Maulap attended a town meeting.

A huge company called the Rosales Group started its campaign to buy the lands of Baryo Maulap.

The townsmen were almost convinced to sell their land, but Mang Greggy spoke up and pointed out that the company was only trying to outsmart them. He then convinced his kababayans to decline the offer.

Dexter (Joem Bascon) reported what happened to his boss, who was visibly displeased.

Apparently, it was a rich businesswoman named Teresa (Judy Ann) who wants to buy the town. She became furious that it was Mang Greggy, her estranged father, who was hindering her plan.

Future episodes of Starla will unveil Teresa's reasons for harboring ill feelings towards Barrio Maulap and her father. Viewers will also see if Buboy and Starla can cause Teresa to have a change of heart.


  • accountant_meaccountant_me PEx Rookie ⭐

    MANILA — “Teleserye Queen” Judy Ann Santos’ television comeback in a lead role, “Starla,” cast a blinding glow on primetime Monday, scoring double its rival’s viewership.

    According to data from Kantar Media, the ABS-CBN fantaserye registered a nationwide rating of 29.2%, while its competing program, “The Gift,” trailed by half with only 14.5%.

    The TV audience of “Starla’s” premiere made it the No. 1 program in its time slot, cementing Santos’ draw as a soap opera icon — albeit with a twist to her usual lead portrayals.

    Santos, this time, is a ruthless real estate executive motivated by vengeance — a far cry from her past underdog roles on television.

    As Teresa, Santos is bent on owning the entirety of Barrio Maulap, her hometown which she only regards with bitterness because of a tragic past involving her father, Greggy (Joel Torre), whom she believes abandoned her.

    Caught in the crossfire are residents of the farming village, including runaway orphan Buboy (Enzo Pelojero), whom the recluse Greggy takes in out of necessity due to his ailing health.

    Teresa’s plans, as seen in the series’ trailers, will encounter roadblocks as Barrio Maulap gets showered with great fortune — with the help of the titular wishing star Starla (Jana Agoncillo) — eliminating the need for residents to sell their land.

    “Starla” continues the tradition of ABS-CBN of offering inspirational stories starring child actors, following the likes of “May Bukas Pa,” “100 Days to Heaven,” and “Honesto.”

  • accountant_meaccountant_me PEx Rookie ⭐

    Judy Ann explores her dark side

    Judy Ann Santos became famous for playing beleaguered heroines who overcome all types of adversity. But while the actress is happy with roles that are snug fit for her wholesome image and prodigious acting skills, she says she’s more than happy to essay characters that cast her against type.

    In ABS-CBN’s new primetime teleserye “Starla,” for instance, Juday says her role is not readily sympathetic.

    “The series is about a star (Jana Agoncillo) who needs to grant good wishes so that she would become a full-fledged wishing star,” she discloses. “But the family drama that drives the show is the story of Teresa (Judy Ann) and her father, Greggy (Joel Torre). The hatred and pain in her heart are fueling her need to wreak havoc on Barrio Maulap as a way to avenge her mother. She blames them for her death.”

    While the story of “Starla” is “unusual,” Juday also finds it refreshing to head off the beaten track, she says. “The character is very dark, which is challenging to do. This is also the reason behind my recent guesting [as Jane] in ‘Ang Probinsyano,’ which felt like an intro to my character in ‘Starla’—handa lang kayo kasi naiiba ito. Hindi ito bait-baitan dot com (laughs).

    Portraying Jane was something different and truly out-of-the-box for me, para maiba naman. It isn’t easy to play someone with a multiple personality disorder. I had to do it to challenge myself.”

    But the actress says she really isn’t turning her back on the dramas she’s famous for. In fact, her first collaboration with Brillante Ma Mendoza, “Mindanao,” which premiered in Busan early this month, has just been chosen as one of the entries in the upcoming Metro Manila Film Festival.

    Is she open to a reunion film with Piolo Pascual?

    The last time she worked with the heartthrob was in Joyce Bernal’s blockbuster rom-com, “Don’t Give Up On Us,” in 2006. The tried-and-tested tandem of Judy Ann and Piolo were also seen in such starrers as “Esperanza,” “Kahit Isang Sag-lit,” “Bakit ’Di Totohanin” and “Till There Was You.”

    “Of course!” she answers with a laugh. “If it’s a very good material, why not?”

    Rito Asilo - Philippines Daily Inquirer

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