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Filipinos not washing hands after toilet?

So this is something I noticed when I was there. I am from Europe, and I have a filipina girlfriend.
When we visited her family, they had no handsoap in the bathroom. I did simply not understand how I will wash my hands after doing number 1 or number 2 on the toilet. This leads me to the conclusion that her family simply doesn't wash their hands. I actually asked her how I should wash my hands, but she don't want to tell me, and she just got extremely offended. So it seems to me that I'm right about them not cleaning their hands. I saw them using rubbing alchohol sometimes though, but alcohol can only kill bacteria, it doesn't remove dirt, you need soap and water for that. This is very unhygienic and as I have been sick with diarrhoea a couple of time after eating their food, I understand why.
Why doesn't Filipinos who are so proud of being clean, not practise hand hygiene? It is much more important your hands are clean, than your butthole. Does most Filipino families not wash their hands, or am I just unlucky?
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