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Health Insurance by Axa Phils

Axa Philippines has a solution for various health insurance needs of every Filipino Citizen.

Axa Healthmax is a critical illness plan, with at least P1M coverage, with coverage up to 100 years old.  Stop paying your premium once diagnosed with a major critical illness (eg...cancer, stroke, heart attack). You can also claim for minor critical illness (eg...angioplasty, stage zero cancer). Start withdrawing from your Health Fund starting 70 yrs old when there is no major claim. Any balance not withdrawn would be the death benefit. Lifetime coverage can be paid in 10 yrs, 20 yrs, or until you reach 65 yrs old. Payment can be annual, semi-annual, quarterly, or monthly, whichever suits your budget; via credit card , cash or over-the-counter, automatic debit to bank account, or post-dated checks whiever is convenient for you. 

Axa Lifebasix Plus/ Axa Axelerator Plus is a critical illness plan linked to an investment. Similar to Healthmax, you will also be creating an investment plan which can be used for your retirement, or simply pay for the future premium of your Healthmax.

Axa Global Health Access (GHA) is your world-class medical coverage of up to P100Million. This is similar to HMO that will take care of your medical treatment not only in the Philippines but also abroad. Coverage includes emergency treatment,  in-patient (hospitalization) treatments, as well as out-patient treatments related to your hospitalization, including radiotherapy, chemotherapy, and kidney dialysis. Included in the plan is also an annual health check up/ healthscreen. Plan is renewable up to 99 yrs old. Other variant available includes Out-patient treatment. 

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