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Cure against cold

What are your thoughts on the best cures/treatment of the common cold and similar viruses?

I have just found out that a permanent cure or a vaccine can come out according to some experimental research:


  • Yearly flu shot helps.
  • joytoledojoytoledo PEx Rookie ⭐

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    Discover the holistic solution that is helping thousands of people to overcome chronic and autoimmune diseases. IMUREGEN is a complex dietary nucleotides supplements.

    IMUREGEN is a food supplement in tablet, capsule or liquid syrup form that can be taken as food to supplement nucleotides in the body for everybody from 1 year old and up. It was created for the immune system sourced only from all natural ingredients that support T-Cell production, intestinal integrity, and has anti-tumor effects.

    IMUREGEN was developed by Czech immunologists based on years of clinical testing, as early as the 1950s. Made and distributed from the Czech Republic to other European countries..

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  • try acupuncture

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