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Philippines: China wanted to restrict foreign forces at sea

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Philippines: China wanted to restrict foreign forces at sea

Associated PressSeptember 11, 2019

MANILA, Philippines (AP) — The Philippine foreign secretary said Wednesday that China has sought to restrict the presence of foreign military powers in the South China Sea and foreign involvement in oil and gas projects in the disputed region under a pact it's negotiating with Southeast Asian nations.

Foreign Secretary Teodoro Locsin Jr. said in an interview with ABS-CBN News Channel, however, that China has eased up on those demands, removing potential obstacles in the conclusion of the so-called "code of conduct" that it's negotiating with the Association of Southeast Asian Nations.

China and the 10-nation ASEAN bloc have been negotiating the nonaggression pact in an effort to deter aggressive acts by Beijing and other claimant states that could spark a major armed confrontation in the disputed territories, which straddle some of the world's busiest sea lanes.

ASEAN and China have agreed to keep the negotiations confidential, although China's insistence that the proposed code should restrict foreign military presence and exercises in the disputed region has leaked out and been reported by some media outlets. At least two Southeast Asian diplomats have confirmed those Chinese demands to The Associated Press.

When asked about the code by the ABS-CBN News Channel, Locsin said the negotiations have been "very contentious for a while," with China insisting that no "foreign military power should be having military presence in the South China Sea" and if "you want to develop oil and gas, they'll only be with us."

"The reports we're getting now, is this, China is mellowing. It's no longer insisting on the exclusion of foreign powers. It's no longer insisting on this and that," Locsin said. "So I brought this basically to, you know, the enemies of China and some of our allies."

There was no immediate comment from Chinese or U.S. government officials. China has frowned on U.S. military patrols and exercises in the strategic waterway.

China has been accused of delaying the start of negotiations for such a regional pact for years. Critics say it only agreed to commence formal talks with ASEAN after Beijing completed building seven islands in the Spratlys, the most contested area in the South China Sea. The proposed code could have potentially restrained China from undertaking such major constructions in the disputed waters, the critics say.

Four ASEAN member states — Brunei, Malaysia, the Philippines and Vietnam — along with China and Taiwan, have been locked in the long-simmering disputes, which escalated when China turned seven disputed reefs into islands that could serve as forward bases to project China's military might against rival states.

Opponents have played down the significance of the code, saying China would never sign an accord that would undermine its interests. But Locsin said China's easing up on some of its demands showed that "there is a prospect of a fair, just and objective code of conduct in the South China Sea."

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte has told his Chinese counterpart, Xi Jinping, that completion of the code should be hastened amid tensions among rival claimants, Locsin said.

Duterte "told him, 'This COC is taking forever. Can we rush this? Let's get this out of the way so that we can avoid all of these tensions and we know who's right, who's wrong when something happens,'" Locsin said. "Xi Jinping said, 'Well, why not?'"

Xi has expressed hopes the regional code could be completed in three years. China and ASEAN officials recently said they have completed the first of three expected rounds of negotiations.


Code? Here's a code for China: Get out! You cannot dictate what is done to what is not yours!



  • ArnoldZArnoldZ PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐

    If most PExers were active they would have made comments like below:
    robert h 16 hrs agoThe other Asian nations had better read and re-read all the terms of any agreement with China. When China gives 50% of something on page 15, China will have a clause on page 213 allowing it to take back 125%. On its face the deal might seem like a win - win for the parties involved, but in reality it will be a win - win - win for China and very little for any other country.

    15 hours ago
    China lost in international arbitration and was denied the right to claim international waters, but XI and his thugs ignore law, and claim they will take what they want, till the
    world crushes them and their ambition
    9 hours ago
    China cannot prohibit the Philippines from inviting other countries for a 60/40 joint oil & gas exploration in the Spratlys, like Exxon of the US or Royal Dutch Shell of the EU. If we have a joint exploration agreement from both countries, then China will have to fight these two countries to fulfill its greedy ambitions in claiming our sovereign territory.
    12 hours ago
    And yet you guys keep doing business with China?
    10 hours ago
    all countrys should go to the south China sea .. send 4 ships and show X
    12 hours ago
    China is not the owner of the sea to restrict anyone .Why Philippines has to speak for China ? Did Philippines accept the role as a butler ?
    16 hours ago
    Philippines: communist China has been stealing your islands.
    16 hours ago
    China is rising and US declining. China still biding its time but any agreement on paper by China is worthless because as soon as they have the power? They'll say it is out of date and need to be renegotiated. China has had many agreement with US companies and they've lied and stolen from them. Not trustworthy.
    Public Eye
    9 hours ago
    The Philippines should be smart enough to be wary of china's deals. A deal that will favor them more the moment you sign the paper... what can these smaller countries do if china violates the contract agreement? just like the GRABBING of those 7 reefs when they claimed it and threatened everyone not to go near them.
    16 hours ago
    Yep..China trying to Bully others and trying to keep foreign powers away that will protect them... China is realizing that their dream is still too early...
    J Alphonse
    5 hours ago
    "china wanted to restrict foreign forces at sea" including the Philippine Navy in the West Philippine Sea. Maybe Pres Duts just didn't understand chinese-english. Is that brutal or what ?
    16 hours ago
    It’s time for China to Pay its Dept to USA!
  • ArnoldZArnoldZ PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    4 hours ago
    Red China plans to be THE world leader ,HRC's loss in '16 meant pushing the completion of this MAIN GOAL back , until TRUMP leaves office . TRUMP has stopped Obama's give away of our nation ,the clintons & obamas are very ,very rich from helping Communist China overtake our United States as world leader ; Obama even said they were going to be the world's dominant force shortly . TRUMP says ""NO Fghing WAY ,MAGA .
    2 hours ago
    China is doing exactly what the Japanese did before world war 2, ask your older brothers what happened when the Japanese occupied your country's, do you think China will be any better, Only the U.S. saved you then and only the U.S. can save you now, pick a side and get ready to protect yourself
    9 hours ago
    Communist China just want to get Philippine natural resources by claiming everything with oil and gas according to their plan. If the Philippines agreed to share, it means greedy China wins.
    10 hours ago
    4 hours ago
    No country has monopoly of the Sea especially when necessity calls for free passage to have access to others in commerce and livelihoods.
    8 hours ago
    Actually they can pact all they like doesn't cover international waters
    A W
    12 minutes ago
    The "real China" continues to show it's face, but will the world continue to look the other way?
    11 hours ago
    You freedom regressives still defending china now?
    12 hours ago
    Dont trust them,,
    Rocky Balboa
    3 hours ago
    Yet, Dutard is okay giving away almost as half of what should be 100& Philippine owned sea. It's always a yes to his master Xi. He is tough to his people but afraid of sugar papa.
    10 hours ago
    Non aggression pacts are usually a prelude to war. Ask Russia.
    12 hours ago
    Captain obvious ...Google map the disputed island...naval and airbase built by china...in the event of sea water  rise...be under water...same as 15 million Martha's vineyard ...lol
    8 hours ago
    Calling on ASEAN nations: Do you trust an evil dictator in China??? What you'll sign with him you call as Code of Conduct, is just a worthless piece of paper not even worth as a toilet paper. Because the Communist Chinese has been lying to the world about their intention in the Spratly Islands. They said that they are just building shelters for fishermen but they built military installations with their bombs and fighter jets stationed there.
    10 hours ago
    "China wanted to restrict foreign forces at sea" and our Chinese owned DU30 can only say YES to China. if China had to change it's mind, then it's not because of our Chinese Owned DU30.
    10 hours ago
    1 hour ago
    A BIG NO, they are not the owner...we are, they think they own the place...Lets ignore what they want to do...
    Dash Riprock
    13 hours ago
    Soon, All other Asians must bow to their Chinese Communist Masters
    1 hour ago
    And du30 say ok mr xi, Anything u say mr x, your d boss mr x..can we please b a province mr x...
    9 hours ago
    Coming to any kind of agreement with China is a waste of time. Not aware of any significant agreement previously that they actually adhered to
    14 hours ago
    China wants to steal all of these small nations natural resources....they want it all....nothing but thieves !!!
    11 hours ago
    if those nation were smart they would not sign any agreements with China. Sign agreements with America instead.
    2 hours ago
    Of course China doesn't want the U.S. in the waters. Tell us something we don't know!
    16 hours ago
    philipiines is so lame cant fight back the cheatnese
    Dash Riprock
    13 hours ago
    The world needs to join together to change these Communists back into Coolies.
    9 hours ago
    When China barks, Durtere listens.
    10 hours ago
    Non sense . If dutuerte allows this then his country is doomed
    2 hours ago
    With what? Loud mouth Duerte riding jet ski?
  • ArnoldZArnoldZ PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    edited September 2019

    Some more comments some PExers would have come up with:

    aan9hours ago
    It's an international water, all foreign ships or warships should be welcome, period...
    Donald L
    17 hours ago
    The road less traveled: selfless charity towards neighbors.

    When you see the revolver hidden in their boot you know your four aces are dead.
    8 hours ago
    Duterte allowed to come onto their front porch: Chinese missiles that can reach Manila, already placed on nearby Philippine islands. If Filipinos want their children to be free at all, they need to get brave, and find some allies to help them throw China out of the West Philippine Sea.
    Better to die fighting for your country's liberty, than have your children leave as slaves to Chinese masters.
    8 hours ago
    When the Brits turned over Hong Kong to the mainland it was agreed by the Chinese that Hong Kong would remain a semi-autonomous state for many years to come. The Chinese are reneging on their promise about Hong Kong so with that being the case any agreement with the Chinese by any other nation should be taken cautiously as they will unquestionably "modify" it in their favor. Simply look at the facts and actions by China in recent years: unfair trading practices, intellectual property theft/espionage, production and distribution of fentanyl, declaring foreign property/oceans as their own, defying international court rulings going against them, subsidizing their own industries and flooding markets with cheaper made Chinese ones to kill competition, repeatedly devaluing their own currency while building their massive gold reserves etc etc etc.
    17 hours ago
    Once again, never EVER trust the evil communist country of China. Nothing of good ever comes out of there.
    13 hours ago
    China is now a military dictatorship, run by the murderers of Tienanmen Square. The Democrats want to bring the same form of government as the communists in China and Venezuela.
    Every person struggles between impulses and logic. Many of the world's greatest religions hold this struggle to be the struggle between good and evil. When a person's logical arguments cannot convince others, the good man walks away with self confidence in his ability. A weak man seeks to form a mob of weak men, who can simply threaten, when they lack the ability to logically prevail.

    Men seeking power, who lack the ability to build teams, which create value, turn to threats and violence. In the US, some men went West, leaving crowded cities, early social charities, and corruption, which we find is nothing new in large cities. Others toyed with socialism and unions,where men of little value, who could easily be replaced, rioted, sometimes damaging the factory, where they hoped to work.

    The most evil of them all saw an opportunity to lead the rioting mobs. Hitler, Stalin, and more recently Hugo Chavez, used this traditional method of promising loot to the mobs. Hatred of the rich and successful, is used to incite the mob, as they gang ***** the very economy that would have given them and their children opportunities.
    11 hours ago
    America, Japan, Australia and other countries also have rights to freely exploit oil in the South China Sea and don't allow China, Vietnam and the Philippines carve up the South China Sea cuz the SCS is international water.
    Thomas Ledbetter
    9 hours ago
    EXTRA EXTRA! CHINA IS TRYING TO CONTROL THE SOUTH CHINA SEA! Durrrrrrrrr. good job guys. pats on the back all around. Really breaking the big stories here.
    11 hours ago
    Well of course China wants to keep foreign military powers out of South China Sea so they can easily bully their neighbors
    8 hours ago
    There is nothing to negotiate.
    China must get out of South China Sea. There is nothing of value that belongs to China in the SCSea. May be a few rocks and reefs. And this “maybe” must be settled in some international court, NOT by banditry and occupation.
    EEZ's have been determined by existing international laws, there is nothing here to discuss.

    So, ASEAN must be firm in stopping Chinese banditry and occupation of EEZ's, once for all.
    NO NEGOTIATION on EEZ's, period.
    War is the best way to stop Chinese banditry, so be prepared for war, especially Vietnam and the Philippines. No way Vietnam and the Philippines can lose. The Chinese have a lot more to lose in a war.
    7 hours ago
    china -ruled by an tyrannical and abusive imperialist government with 1.4 billion people rooted in a totalitarian mindset where any kind of dissent is NEVER allowed or tolerated..just criticizing a "central party committee member" is already considered a crime! every citizen is required to bow down ..obey and give their undying loyalty..to blindly and fanatically submit to the will of an authoritarian, kleptocratic, and opaque regime..no force in history has shed more innocent chinese blood than the communist regime that has ruled since 1949.., china’s ruling communist party has annihilated an estimated of more than 85 million chinese men, women, children, and babies.. estimate doesnt include the genocide that has been happening in Tibet..The recitation of dry casualty statistics cannot begin to convey what china’s victims suffered..crimes the government still refuses to acknowledge, much less apologize for..Since the Tiananmen Square massacre in 1989, chinese officials have committed one atrocity after another on their own people. Many are hidden, but some have received international attention...mao had killed more people than Hitler and Stalin combined to keep his power in tact. mao..who was a pedophile.. had said “the power comes out of the barrel of the gun” for a reason, .. In the first decades of mao’s rule, “there were between 6 million and 10 million deaths” that were directly caused by government action. But that’s only where the tally begins. To those victims add the “tens of millions of ‘counter revolutionaries ” swept into mao’s prisons and labor camps, “with perhaps 20 million dying there.” Add as well the appalling death toll during the Great Leap Forward, mao’s calamitous campaign of forced collectivization and abolition of private agriculture, which caused a famine of more than biblical proportions, starving more than 40 million chinese in less than three years...mao once contrasted the performance of the communist Party with that of an emperor infamous in chinese history for his savagery: “What’s so unusual about Emperor Shih Huang of the Chin Dynasty? He had buried alive 460 scholars only, but we have buried alive 46,000 scholars!” Mutilation was carried out everywhere, “Hair was ripped out. Ears and noses were lopped off.” a man named Wang Ziyou was penalized by party bosses in Hunan Province: “One of his ears chopped off, his legs were tied up with wire, a 10-kilo stone was dropped on his back, and he was branded with a hot iron — as punishment for digging up a potato.” Yet to this day, mao is revered by china’s government; a 15-by-20-foot portrait of the “Great Helmsman” .. ... the chinese government’s remorse for its own crimes of occupation and repression is nonexistent. . the genocide in Tibet, where between 10 and 20 percent of the population was wiped out by the Communist invasion. Millions more were massacred in successive ideological purges and terror campaigns and the totalitarian derangement of the Cultural Revolution...communist china had actively supported the genocidal regime of Pol Pot (who was by the way of chinese descent) with the intent to wipe out Cambodia and turn it into a chinese province. Fortunately their evil genocidal endeavor was dashed by the Vietnamese. china has supported the bloody and cruel regime of North Korea…. to keep this country a modern chinese vassal state.. and dutae's government is considering entering in an agreement with china??? some kind of sea code or something? UNCLOS is an international law signed by more than 180 countries including china..kung yun binastos lang nila..would this mere agreement be any different???

  • joerizjoeriz PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    edited September 2019
    Hmmmmmm.....commenters sound like very knowledgeable Pinoys. Only if they could influence Philippine politicians!
    Not much Dutard and Dilawan name callings for a change.
    What a bresth of fresh air! There really is a world outside of LAFI!

    And when will Philippines' politicians face the reality of what China's real intentions are?
  • gotta lick itgotta lick it PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    joeriz said:
    Hmmmmmm.....commenters sound like very knowledgeable Pinoys. Only if they could influence Philippine politicians!
    Not much Dutard and Dilawan name callings for a change.
    What a bresth of fresh air! There really is a world outside of LAFI!

    And when will Philippines' politicians face the reality of what China's real intentions are?
    correction .... if only they are richer than the Chinese and slam DuDitry silly with his 50% kickbacks.

    The French as experssed their intentions to do an oil exploration but DuDitry and his minions have been avoid the French and sticking with the Rich Chinese. 
  • Plantation BoyPlantation Boy PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    WTF?!? China is already acting like it own the South China Sea! Imposing restrictions on areas it has no business controlling!
  • buddywbuddyw PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐

    DND: China Coast Guard blocked PH vessels in Ayungin Shoal

    MANILA, Philippines — A Chinese Coast Guard ship had blocked the path of three Philippine civilian vessels on a resupply mission to BRP Sierra Madre in Ayungin (Second Thomas) Shoal in the West Philippine Sea.

    This was revealed in a document submitted September 13 by the Department of National Defense (DND) to Bayan Muna Rep. Carlos Zarate, who earlier requested for a report on the Philippine military’s modernization plans as well as Chinese incursions in Philippine waters.

    The incident, which involved Chinese Coast Guard ship with bow number 3305, took place last May 14, according to DND’s report written by Usec. Cardozo Luna.

    The ship, it added, was as close as 1,600 yards to the Philippine vessels. The DND report did not say if the vessels were able to reach the shoal.

    This encounter happened almost a month before the June 9 incident near Recto (Reed) Bank, where a Chinese vessel rammed and sank an anchored Filipino fishing boat and abandoned the distressed crew in the open water.

    In May last year, the Chinese navy harassed a Philippine Navy vessel on a re-provisioning mission in Ayungin Shoal. 

    Luna said that China regularly deploys at least one coast guard vessel near the shoal to monitor activities including the arrival of Filipino fishing boats and the resupply mission for the troops stationed in BRP Sierra Madre, a transport ship intentionally grounded to serve as an outpost of the Philippine Navy.

    The Western Command also publicly reported the presence of a Chinese coast guard ship in Ayungin Shoal in August, but said it did not interfere with their operations. 

    Ayungin Shoal is around 20 nautical miles from Panganiban (Mischief) Reef, one of the features occupied by China in the Kalayaan Island Group that it transformed into military outposts. 

    China to persist using militias

    Chinese fishing vessels believed to be part of its maritime militia are also a common sight in the West Philippine Sea, Luna said in his report. 

    In the first semester of 2019, a total of 322 Chinese militia vessels with different bow numbers were monitored, of which 300 were sighted in Pag-asa (Thitu) Island alone, he said.

    The Philippines this year had filed several diplomatic protests on the sustained presence of these Chinese vessels.

    DND believes China is likely to continue using its maritime militia to gain advantage in the West Philippine Sea without provoking a conventional military response.

    Despite warming relations between the Philippines and China under President Rodrigo Duterte, it appears that Beijing has no plans to pull out its maritime militia in the West Philippine Sea permanently. 

    “There is high possibility that Beijing will continue the employment of these vessels, which could be used for asymmetric warfare of sea control and sea denial, such as swarming tactic and ramming of other claimants’ vessels in the area, enabling it to make advancements in the maritime region without causing tension in the area,” Luna said.

    He said China has been using its fishing vessels to discreetly conduct surveillance, search and rescue operations and provide assistance to law enforcement agencies. 

    Analysts say these vessels are used by China to intimidate South China Sea claimants, to prevent them from accessing resources and energy reserves.

    The DND report also noted the “emerging trend” of Chinese warships navigating through the Sulu-Celebes Sea area, particularly in Balabac Strait and Sibutu Passage. 

    It also identified 15 Chinese research vessels monitored in Philippine waters for this year.  

    Meanwhile, in the northern Philippines, ships of the Taiwan Coast Guard were “persistently monitored” east of Batanes Islands.

  • alchemistofophiralchemistofophir PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    edited September 2019
    ano lang ba ang FOREIGN POWERS na naka station sa Far East?

    clue: us bases

    even australia is not included in these Foreign Powers kasi nasa may ASia yung lupa. (unless British pa rin ang may hawak sa kanila, which is technically yes kasi reyna pa rin nila si Elizabeth)

    .V.. ..I..

  • .                           .
  • buddywbuddyw PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐

    Tolentino wants ‘all Filipino songs’ aired near West Philippine Sea

    MANILA, Philippines — Let Filipino songs play at night on a state-run radio station near areas being occupied by another nation in the contested West Philippine Sea.

    This way, the unnamed “occupant” would know they are in Philippine territory, neophyte Senator Francis Tolentino said 

    Tolentino floated this idea during the hearing of the Senate subcommittee on finance on the proposed budget of the Presidential Communications Operations Office for 2020.

    “I would want, dapat sekreto ito e, dapat ‘pag gabi, puro Filipino songs ‘yung tumutugtog dun sa radio station natin sa Palawan,” he said.

    (I would want — this is supposed to be a secret — we should play all Filipino songs at night in our radio station in Palawan.)

    “Abot doon sa mga station na na-occupy ng alam niyo ng kung sino sa West Philippine Sea. ‘Yung nasa malalayong lugar na sa kanila raw ang nine-dash line,” the senator said.

    (It should reach the stations of you-know-who occupying the West Philippines Sea. Those claiming the nine-dash line.)

    The nine-dash line refers to China’s massive claims on most of the West Philippine Sea, which had been invalidated by the Permanent Court of Arbitration.

    Tolentino said the government’s only radio station in Palawan could become the Philippines’ version of the “Voice of America.”

    “Ang naririnig ng mga nagbabantay dun sa kabilang katunggali natin e puro Filipino songs, para malaman nila na they are in Philippine territory,” he pointed out.

    (Our opponents should hear all Filipino songs so they would know they are in Philippine territory.)

    Senator Richard Gordon, who was presiding over the hearing, then asked if the government’s radio station in Palawan has a Chinese broadcaster.

    And when told the radio station has a joint program with China Radio International, Gordon said: “Bihira naman kayo… siguro dapat tanggalin na budget talaga dito (Unbelievable… maybe their budget should be taken away).”

    No wonder why, he said, some Chinese are claiming the Philippines is China’s province. /je

  • .                                            .
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